Why should I have truck protective films and coatings? 

Safeguard your truck with a range of protective films and coatings and keep your truck looking newer for longer.

Protective films and coatings give your truck an extra layer of protection from unavoidable environmental contaminants which cause scratches, cracks, paint damage, and oxidisation. 

Avoid having to get paint touch-ups, windscreen replacements, and costly cosmetic repairs and extend the life of your truck with protective films and coatings. 

What truck protection services are available?

  • Interior protection
  • Wheel protection
  • Fuel tank protection film
  • Bullbar protection film
  • Chrome/Alloy and Stainless protection film
  • Paint protection film
  • Ceramic coating

Contact us today and get your truck protective coatings and films all in one place!


Customising your truck with a range of protective films and coatings:

Reduces level of
maintenance required

Increases the resale
value of your truck

Prevents scratches, chips,
and superficial damage

Blocks damaging
UVA and UVB rays

Keeps your truck cooler
in the hot summer months

Maintains shine on
chrome and bull bar

Stops oxidation on
chrome and bull bar

Why Choose Auto Artisan for your Protective Films and Coatings? 

Auto Artisan is an industry leader with decades of experience in protective films and coating applications. Our expert team takes extreme care when working on your vehicle providing the best result possible. 

When you choose Auto Artisan, you can have peace of mind knowing that we use top-of-the-line films and coatings with manufacturer warranties, to give you the best protection for your truck.