Qualities of Auto Artisan

Long Term experience

The founder of Auto Artisan has been in this industry for well over 15 years, our history is from Signage and Fleet branding of the Automotive industry.  Our company was established in 2013 as a single owner operator, trying to break free from sheep in the industry. We have come extremely far and we continue to learn as well as educate all our members.

Team to work on your project

Our team has grown to be extremely strong with 15+ members consisting of;

  • Print & Production team,
  • Sales Manager,
  • Receptionist & Admin Staff,
  • Project co-coordinator,
  • Graphic Designer,
  • Team of Installers and
  • Senior Managers

Creativity & Production

We let our work speak for us, we are creative in the field of business branding and custom wild wraps for vehicles. You can see for yourself in our portfolio and projects with our partners.

Training & Education of Installers for the Industry

Our goal is to continue growing, but with one significant difference compared to other companies.

We will always remember where we came from, and endeavor to train and develop the industry with our growth. This is why we have been holding education & training courses for the public. We aim to start our own training and education academy.

Currently known as Auto Artisan Academy.

Performing in-house R&D

Here at Auto Artisan, not only do we perform research and development on vinyl films, across a large variety of vinyl types. We also, indulge in testing installation techniques.

In addition to this, we collaborate with large international and national vinyl companies such as Avery Dennison and suppliers such as Graphic Art Mart to help them with their wrap development & fitments.

We know how the vinyl material wrap will behave before others in the industry are aware.

Strong Reliable Team

Our Attributes


It’s our duty to maintain a high level of professionalism and carry it through all facets of the business.


We let our work and reputation speak for itself. You don’t need to worry about issues with us. In the off chance anything is not 100%, we work hard to rectify issues and make sure you are happy.


AAG’s reputation of Innovation, Craftsmanship and Service reach beyond its workshop walls and onto our existing customers, automotive enthusiasts, designers, dealerships and beyond.


We pride ourselves with strong customer service and relations. To us, you are not just another number… We enjoy building long term relationships with all of our customers. We often go out of our way to make sure you are not just happy but absolutely love the service given to you.

Our Magazine Features!

2019 | Visual Impact Magazine |

We were placed us as the centre fold! This was a 3 page write up.

The start up context set the tone, “If you are a bit of a car buff or even a total aficionado, then there is no way that you can’t be slight, if not very envious of Michael Palladino and the team at Auto Artisan. With apassion for the industry and a desire for excellence…” and you get the gist!

Check out the direct link here.  | Read the Story |

Exciting times a head!

visual impact story

2020 | Image Magazine |

Now, in 2020, we have been approached by Image Magazine as they wanted to feature our story and collaboration with Destination Yamaha and 3M.

This one started with “When 3M contacted Michael Palladino, MD of Auto Artisan wrappers Auto Artisan to collaborate on the ‘Destination Yamaha’ campaign, there was only one answer … an ecstatic yes! What followed was a mix of creativity and craft as Auto Artisan used its special touch to wrap the unique Yamaha Tenere and 700 Niken GT adventure motorbikes.”

We will keep you posted when they release the edition, you can read the Yamaha and 3M project here though.    | Read the Story |

image magazine story

2020 & 2021 | Maxim Magazine |

Moving through the ranks of print media, we somehow grabbed the attention of Maxim Magazine! Working together with Maxim Australia, we eventually developed a partnership.

We love make overs. For us, the passion is makeovers for vehicles, for Maxim it used to be featuring just models, now it’s a life style feature. Together, we have several magazine editions featuring projects such as

| Petronas AMG F1000 | Cars & Coffee Project | AMG GTS Race Livery | and more!

Artisan Dirty/Worn Race Wrap

IMG20210210155340 (2)

Petronas AMG – F1000

Cars and Coffee Art Project

Naz graffiti Smaller

2021 | Driven Women Magazine |

Just a small bonus for valentines day, we were featured in the driven women online magazine as well as their social media pages.

Check out the image ->

Driven women feature

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