Frosting Films of any kind.

Artisan Group provides a range of services, this ranges from basic frosting strips of 50, 100, 300mm up to 1500mm. All the way through to custom designed, printed and cut frosting.

Want a Corporate Appeal? Change the graphics.

Your Design, Your Choice.

We want you to have the perfect design, which you will love. You are in control of this project, provide your own images and work closely with our graphic design team.

Our restyling options are the perfect way to re-design your home, office, retail shop or warehouse without committing to a permanent change.

*Just don’t forget the condition and preparation of the painted surface plays an important factor when removing.

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Why Artisan Group?

Strong Reputation
Unlike so many other ‘qualified’ vinyl wrap installers, at Auto Artisan, we have a very strong reputation and we hold it extremely well. Our wall installation graphics actually stem from complex truck skins, which is even more difficult but never-the-less is a straight vertical surface!

Creative and Outstanding

When it comes to creativity, we are overflowing with ideas! Our design team is extremely capable. What a great way to utilise our creativity, on a large scale wall! We let our work speak for us, we are creative in the field of business branding as well, and you can see for yourself in our portfolio.

Solid History
Auto Artisan partners have been in this industry for 15 years, our history is from Signage and Fleet branding of the Automotive industry.  Our company was established in 2013, trying to break free from sheep in the industry.

75 Campbell St Surry Hills

Resourceful Team

Our team has grown to be extremely strong with 15+ members consisting of;

  • Print & Production team,
  • Sales manager,
  • Receptionist & Admin Staff,
  • Project co-coordinator,
  • Graphic designers,
  • A sizeable team of installers and
  • Senior managers

We have all of the resources to ensure your project is met with the highest standards.


Print and Production
In house.

Every aspect of your project is handled in-house. Ranging from design, through to print and production, even our installers. This means we have full control of your graphics and every part of the process from start to finish. We ensure a quality product which you will love.

Office or Factory

We can brand or design your office or factory space with custom Vinyl Wall Graphics. Bring branding into the office space with your business logo, mission statement or slogan.

We can provide the installation of wall graphics to last long term, seasonal, promotional, once-off, you tell us what is required and we will make it happen!

Applicable for;

  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Communal or Personal Offices
  • Workshops
  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchens

Large Scale Projects

Large Scale projects are no issue, we are equipped to handle any type of project.

The best part is, we also offer discounts on bundling projects!