Porsche Carrera Cup


Car: Porsche 911 GT3 991 

Goal: Create an award winning livery and display the life cycles of Cameron Hill’s Carrera Cup GT3

About Cameron Hill

Cameron Hill loves racing. Pure and simple.

A brief introduction about Cameron comes dirtectly from his website www.cameronhill.com.au

One of his earliest memories was being in the grandstand, watching the cars rip around the track. There was smoke, it was loud, and he could taste the raw smell of fuel.  He remembers the scene as being full of nervous tension and palpable excitement.

Cam is humble about his success but ask him questions about the driving, and his eyes light up and his voice rises to confirm the sheer excitement of it all.

On the track he means business. And when he’s on that start line it’s just him and the car. That’s when the adrenalin takes over, and the glory of winning a race gets him over that finish line.

Cam doesn’t like to blend in with the crowd, this is why he has partnered with Bullrush Rally and in addition, us here at Auto Artisan for his racing livery.

cameron profile

About Bullrush Rally

The wildest yearly experience!

If you are the kind of person who has a supercar and wants to really take it for what it’s got, it’s time to read below for a once-a-year mind blowing event.

Each year entrants look forward to a range of different events, from driving breath taking roads in a convoy of super cars, building friendships over dinner at some of Australia’s top restaurants, partying at the most exclusive venues, to pitting car against car, driver against driver, in competitive yet fun motor sport environments.

However above all else, the proudest achievement of Bullrush Rally and it’s entrants is our ability to help and contribute. Bullrush Rally has raised over $100,000 to various charities Australia wide, bettering the lives of sick children, aiding research, and supporting mental health. We recognise that many of us have been fortunate enough to achieve success in our lives, and feel that it is our duty to give back where we can.

Bullrush Rally proudly sponsors Cameron Hill in his racing career for the Porsche Payce Carrera Cup and we sponsor Bullrush Rally. It all ties in, we are a big communal family!

Spray Paint Bull Rush Logo

First Livery
'Pop Art'

Pop Art!

Bullrush Rally and Cameron Hill wanted to have a striking design that had never been used in Porsche related racing. So, this was our chance for another Auto Artisan, World First.

Moving forward, we had some elements of the pop art design slowly building into the design of the Carrera Cup Livery. Of course, we had to keep it some what subtle, it couldn’t be too colourful… or could it??

… Not for this very first liver, maybe next time!


The first 2019 livery

This was created very early 2019, naturally we had multiple designs. This article is showing the evolution/ life cycle and there is so much to cover. So, we won’t bore you with all of the different designs we came up with. Instead, have a look at the final design we decided to proceed with.

Then, see below for the video that was created about the livery installation and reveal process.

Watch the wrap process and the reveal below.

Second Livery
'Reflective Paint'

Second 2019 Livery Design Ideas

We all loved pop art, but it was time to start experimenting. So, we decided to move towards something more ‘arty’ that resembled paint. Yes, this has been done before, there are variances of different paint splatters and artworks, but there are not many on cars.

Even more, there is a lack of paint splatters which utilise reflective film solutions.

We wanted to achieve a good colour tone but also, a strong contrast. Our goal was to be heavy on the purples and cyans with some black in the design.

Interestingly, the original idea literally had a big split down the middle. One side completely black and white and the other side full of colour! This one didn’t represent well though, so we moved on quickly.

Next, you can see the final design we settled on.


Matching Work Gloves!

That’s right! We couldn’t just leave this design on Cameron’s cup car…

It had to go on the out gloves! The design blended so well, that you can barely see it in front of the vehicle livery.


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner~

Okay, this was very interesting.. Because, the livery that was nominated for ‘best wrap’ was actually the very first pop-art livery. Then, we changed it. Coincidentally, the award winning wrap at the time happened to be this reflective paint design!

All that matters is the big smile on Cameron’s face when he took home the Best Livery Award presented by Meguiars Australia!

2020 Livery
Back to Pop Art


Creative Pathways

There isn’t too much to explain about pop art, it’s been discussed previously but we needed a way to “pop” this pop art.

How could we achieve this? We decided it could be really cool if it would be possible to have a metallic reflection, so we printed a test sample on silver metallic.

This didn’t live up to our expectations, the silver film actually dulled the colours right down and it failed.

Then we tried white metallic… This hit the spot just right!!

Design Process

Here is where it get’s tricky, we had to make sure the design was “Auto Artisan” worthy and at the same time we had to make sure all parties involved were happy.

You can imagine, this takes quite a lot of time to achieve.

The biggest issue we had, was pleasing our selves with the design. We alone, changed the design 3 times! The first few were good, but they weren’t WOW.

As always, our designs comprise of layers upon layers, to be specific in this design we had over 60 layers around the entire car. It’s all about the attention to detail, having so many layers also gives us the opportunity to make ongoing tweaks with ease.

cam design

Fast Forward to Designs

1st Proof

We won’t run you through the entire step by step design process or even all of the proofs. This article has been long enough already!

Check out the first design though, it looked great! It was just a bit too dark.

6th & Final Proof

We had to get this spot on, there were many people involved in the design process but it was all definitely worth it. The final design ended up looking extremely clean and still carried the right amount of “pop art” vibes.


Time to remove the old livery!

It was time to get moving on the wrap removal. We pulled in extra hours into the night and managed to get the full team on this.

The entire car was taken apart.

  • Spoiler removed
  • Doors taken apart
  • Lights out
  • Wrap removed

All in 45 minutes! – FULL TEAM EFFORT.

Spotting the damage – Covering the damage

Then, we could help but spot some of Cameron’s Racing efforts beneath the wrap!

Lucky the new wrap will completely cover this! This is the joys of owning a race car… Don’t bother with paint, race livery wrap is the best way to go. If it get’s damaged, just wrap over it, done.

Check it out!


Same day turn around!

We had 4 of our strongest men to jump on this project, tackling section by section. We managed to get the entire car wrapped and put back together within just 7 hours.

Then, we performed our usual quality control checks to ensure everything was up to the Auto Artisan standard.

The Reveal

The Reveal!

Now, it’s just a waiting game for us! We have to wait until Cameron races in the Australia Carrera Cup to see if we can take out best livery award again!

We are Creators, Outlaws & Magicians.

The Reveal

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