Destination Yamaha Motor


Gear: Yamaha Tenere 700 Bike, Yamaha Niken GT, Just 1 Helmet 

Goal: Bring the visual goals of both Yamaha and 3M Australia to life.

About Destination Yamaha Motor

Your Next Adventure Awaits You

A brief intro from Destination Yamaha.

Experience holidays like never before! Want to experience Yamaha Motor’s finest on your next holiday? Want to take your own Yamaha? Now you can.

Yamaha has been working hard to provide paired adventures, both travel and exotic locations with the best Yamaha Motor products for the trip.

You can choose from their premium Limited Edition packages or book a ready-to-roll short adventure with their partners.

Destination Yamaha Motor… your adventure awaits.

About 3M Wrap Films

“Science is just science.. Until you make it improve the world”, 3M.

There is so much more to 3M than the company you know as the inventor of Post It note.

The beginning of 3M consisted of humble rocks, but after more than 100 years, they know how to rock science. Every day, 3M explores, connects and invents.

3M has innovated for over 100 years. The science behind 3M Wrap Films provides superior performance and outstanding results.

3M Wrap Films are a distinctive way to make you – and your pride and joy – stand out in the crowd. Whether you want to give your vehicle a makeover, update its style or just turn heads, 3M Wrap Films are a great choice.

They are storytellers and inventors at heart, but until you connect with them, you won’t know how they can improve your life.

Just a quick side note, did you know about their architectural range of surface finishes as well? This is called the Di-Noc range. These are self-adhesive films, which literally look and feel like the real deal, such as a huge range of timbers, textured finishes and more.

Even better, here at Auto Artisan, we can supply and install these in your home, office, retail store and more.

3m logo

The Vision by Yamaha


The World Map

This is one of the simplest ‘visual’ messages to hit our projects list and we love it.

Meaning: Your destination is the world and you can do it with Yamaha.

The world map has a strong meaning behind it, and it is extremely clear when you view the list of events Destination Yamaha has put together. One by one as you tick off an destination or adventure, you can move on to the next destination, or the next exciting adventure. This can be in Australia, then you may need prepare to make your way over to the Arctic. Want more? Consider Mongolia next!

As you tick off all of these ‘bucket list’ worthy destinations, you can cross them off the world map. You know what, Yamaha has already done that. That’s why the map design is coloured 2 tones of different blues on the bikes and highlighted red on the Just 1 helmet.

Have a look at the list of their 2020 events!

Now, take a look at the bike and helmet world map designs!

Tenere700_final mockup_blue
D_YMA_Just1 Helmet_black
Nikken_final mockup

Yamaha and 3M.
Collaboration with Auto Artisan

Yamaha Australia contacted 3M to see if their range of Wrap Films could be used on two of their unique motorcycles to showcase the Destination Yamaha Campaign.

One day, we received a call. It was from 3M Australia, they wanted to meet with us and explain this world map project they had coming up. We were ecstatic about this, and 3M knew they could trust us.

Just like many of our other collaborative partners, we build long term relationships. We had previously worked with 3M, they knew we had the skillset and capacity to handle this project.

We knew, we could put the ‘auto artisan’ touch on this project and carry it out with distinct professionalism.

From Digital Render to Life

Design by Yamaha
Rendered to Life

Yamaha had utilised their in-house design team to come up with their representation of “travelling around the world”. When 3M presented the designs to us, immediately, we loved it.

We didn’t want to change any of it. However, getting visualised images from a 2D digital render and making it come to reality is the next level! We knew what we had to do. We quickly pulled our design team together and drew out our pathways to make this a reality. We had to;

  • Scale and adapt the designs to suit the bike in a real life size with all it’s curves.
  • Extrapolate the design, then imagine how we would mould it over the curves.
  • Of course we added some ‘artisan’ tweaks along the way for the actual design!

No major changes were made to the design, it was still very much ‘Yamaha’, just small simple and subtle things. Such as embossing, extending the design over to the clear portions of the plastic panels and more.
It’s the finer details that always stand out the most!

Coming to life!


1st Bike – Tenere 700

Yamaha’s new adventure bike with imposing character, the Tenere 700.

Alright, let’s be honest here. We are not very good at talking in ‘motorbike language’… So, we had to take some instruction from Yamaha when it came to explaining their bikes. Here is our version of the Tenere 700!

This bike was strictly designed with the main purpose to be taken off road. It features a compact rally screen and nose fairing give you protection from the wind while maintaining the slim and lightweight character of the bike. You have tapered handlebars, so your riding position is relaxed. It’s built for off-roading, this means, even the instruments are compact but super easy to see when you need to quickly gauge your speed.

Now, turn off the ABS, take full control and lock the rear wheels deliberately. GO ON, Yamaha wants you to take control! (Shhhhhh, they told us not to encourage rough behaviour)


2nd Bike – Niken GT

1 wheel, gooood, 2 wheels even better, 3 wheels…. wait??? what?

Think long range, comfort, a lot of storage and even heated grips!

Alright, Yamaha created this Niken GT with what they call LMW ‘Leaning Multi Wheel’ technology.

The cool thing about this bike is, that the leaning technology is literally next level. The front-end grip literally inspires confidence by carving through any form of short and tight, or long and winding corners.

Let’s not forget, if anyone sees you riding this one the road, they are going to be thrown by the fact that you have an extra wheel on the front of your bike!

Just 1 helmet

The helmet design follows the same design as the 2 bikes. However, it has 1 key difference, the colour scheme.

The bikes are different shades of blue and some greys, the helmet stands out as the destinations are a strong red colour. Let’s face it, if you have a cool helmet and a small surface area to work with, you need it to be as vibrant and noticeable as possible. Yamaha achieved this very well.

For us to wrap this helmet, we needed to get creative, the design was great, again it was on a 2D render. To bring it to life, we needed to print out the design but make modifications on the fly, during the installation stage.

We had some room to work with though, the helmet had some distinct curves, dips and sharp angles, this meant we could implement overlaps and wrap lines without affecting the design. It worked like a charm!

You can see below, the master, in his element. Totally in control of his own art.

IMG20200220125802 (1)
IMG20200220125551 (1)

Working Photos Below

The Reveal

The Reveal

Time to see the finished photos!

Where to next???

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