Cars & Coffee
Art Project

Collaboration Project

Car: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Goal: Transform the car with a wild and vibrant design, followed by a memorable, artistic photo shoot.

When it comes to wrapping – cars are not the only aspect. We travel well beyond this.

It’s all about creativity, artwork, whether this is on cars, people or even the photos which capture all of this into one.

So we went all out and created a project where we wrapped a car, a person and a complete photo shoot all around a specific theme!

Here is what was involved.

  1. Planning the design
  2. Designing the photo shoot scheme
  3. Collaboration with model, AAG team as well as Cars and Coffee
  4. Designing the Human Wrap aspects
  5. Organising hair and make up
  6. Graphic Design,
  7. Preview on Virtual Reality
  8. Production of the design
  9. Installation of the vinyl on the vehicle
  10. Organising all props, assets and location
  11. Hair and makeup on the day
  12. Installation of wrap on the model
  13. The actual photo shoot including preparation and transition photos
  14. Post processing, photo editing
  15. Coordinating the final reveal

Creative Pathways

Having said that, let’s move on to the creative pathways.

The design idea came up as we were discussing with the owner of Cars and Coffee about creating something “wild” – something that would just stand out of the crowd. Let’s face it, they supplied the super car – a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, which was really cool! However,  there were going to be some unbelievable cars at this event, and a standard Gallardo wasn’t going to be enough.

During our initial discussions, it turns out Cars and Coffee were working on a large scale feature wall. We obtained the image of the wall, which  was extremely vibrant. There were time restraints, so we acted quickly and decided this was definitely different and we could make it work.

Check out the image.

IMG20191101131719 (2)

Design Process

The image was extremely vibrant, however, the resolution was small. There was no chance we could utilise this image as it was, we had to re-create it from scratch, on a large print format using Adobe Photoshop. You can see our graphic designer as she is in the process of creating the artwork.

The next stage was to “Auto Artisan” this image… We felt, it would be great if it was possible to down play the colours in the day time but really make them ‘pop’ when you wanted the attention. This is why we decided to create the entire design on a reflective film.

Wrap Installation

The wrap installation was a big one, the original colour of the car was yellow. This meant, we needed to try and cover as much of the original colour as possible.

Of course, we have restraints to work with, such as finances, time, and let’s consider the fact, this wrap was for a one time event use and it was coming off.

Looking after our customer Cars and Coffee, we decided to save time and literally wrap over everything without removing a single panel or badge off the car. Normally, we wouldn’t do this but it’s a great option for a temporary wrap.

Installation Process

Install Complete!

The Reveal

Makeup & Hair

Truth be told, we had 2 photoshoots to complete utilising similar material. One of which is Jungle Themed AAG project! So, how can we make this work?

We decided both of the concepts could utilise the flowing lines of the Lamborghini Gallardo wrap which resembled smoke patterns. The jungle theme for the other project required some greenery, and we utilised a “poison ivy theme” but there was no green on this Lamborghini.

We had a discussions and decided we could colour match the green of the poison Ivy to the blues in the Gallardo, using photoshop. Nice little trick to speed up the process and completely transform the outfit.

Next was hair and makeup, completed by Sarah of @sohairandmakeup – you can find her on Instagram and Facebook! We let Sarah call the shots on this one to suit the theme. She nailed it!

naz make up 1
naz make up 2

Wrapping the Model

It was our turn, we had printed poison ivy on vinyl laminate which was actually installed on our model Naz’s face. Then, we continued the wrap install around her legs and down to her feet. We of course added a specially designed Auto Artisan logo tailored for this project (which we will reveal in the Jungle Project)

CnC Naz and Lambo

Next, it was time to collaborate all of the photos and create the final design. We wanted to represent Auto Artisan via graphics, sooo……..

Smoke bombs! We placed several blue and red smoke bombs close enough to the Gallardo but not too close to avoid any heat damage. Then, we set them alight, staggered the colours and we had a beautiful range of reds, blues, purples and pinks to work with. The warehouse quickly filled with smoke! We had to take these photos in a hurry, and we did. Also a shout out to @lifeofsquilla for helping with the photos as well.

We are Creators, Outlaws & Magicians.

Having a shot in a warehouse just didn’t ‘cut it’, the background couldn’t simply be a wall, that’s not creative, that does not inspire magic. Graffiti wall art, this was creative! The expressions on the face of the girl resembles being an outlaw, this was perfect. Then, we started on some heavy editing using both Adobe Lightroom as well as Adobe Photoshop. We combined all of the images together by extending the smoke patterns, balancing all of the colours and removing everything unnecessary from the photo.

There you have it!
This is the story that made it all possible, these are the extents we love going to!

Check out the final edit, just below!

The Reveal

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