Ariana Grande
Design Lambo

Collaboration Project

Car: Lamborghini Huracan

Goal: Birthday Surprise for 11 year old Natalya


When the love of Ariana began

Little Natalya’s love for Ariana Grande started when she noticed the TV series featured on Nickelodeon “Victorious”. Ariana played the role of Cat Valentine. After this, Natalya continued to watch Ariana in the series Sam & Cat.

When the TV series finished, she started to really enjoy listening to Ariana’s songs. She ended up becoming a huge fanatic.

Bit by bit, her love grew and so did her collection of Ariana memorabilia over the course of 2 years.


Memorabilia Collections

Natalya started collecting Ariana labels such as; clothing, shirts, jumpers, the typical childhood posters and more. Then, she even moved on to Ariana’s perfume range.


Father’s Understanding

Danny was looking to change the colour of his car, he started asking his family & friends for colour suggestions. His daughter Natalya overheard the discussion, and as a cute joke, she dropped the comment “why don’t you put Ariana’s face on there?”. 

To which Danny replied, “No Chance”. 

Then he quickly realised, her birthday was just around the corner and this could make a fantastic surprise birthday present. This is how the idea came to life.


Creative Elements

Danny gave complete freedom of design to Auto Artisan. Concidently, our designer has a similar name ‘Danii’, she is a fan of Ariana personally, so she knew a lot of her expressive personality, interests, meanings behind songs and more.  A lot of the design inspiration came from “Thank you, next” album cover. For example, the pink clouds as the background, as well as the outline of Ariana’s face.

Danii tried to capture Ariana’s persona on the car. For example, she knew Ariana had a tattoo of the moon on her neck and some of her songs and album art’s reference space, this is how the moon design and space came on board. The rainbow inspiration comes from one of her songs, ‘no tears left to cry’, which lead to her having her own Instagram filter with the rainbow over the face. There is also a reference to ‘Mean Girls’ and the ‘Burn Book’ which was designed into the rear quarter.

Final addition was the line sketch of Ariana which was created externally by Visualz by Diego . 
You can see this in the image below where Ariana is standing in front of the sketch. Danii re-created this drawing to be a part of the vehicle wrap.

Wallpaper Ariana Grande, portrait, 6K, Celebrities 2114117652

Design Process

All this talk about space, the moon, vibrant colours and rainbows meant… we needed to use a material which would just “pop”. Our choice was Arlon Illuminite, we knew how crazy this would look at night, as well as during the day! We designed every piece of the puzzle using Adobe Lightroom and created the artwork proof for the customer to approve it.

In all honesty, Danii created this design and submitted only a single proof, it was approved straight away by our customer Danny. Then, sent into production.


Finished Artwork

3D Render by XIX 3D

We took this one step further and sent the design files to the Xeno XIX 3D software, so our customer could visualise the entire design in person with a 3D render.

Materials and Supplies

The entire project was printed on Arlon IllumiNITE and we have always been a fan of this film. It is easily conformable, but most importantly, compared to many other reflective vinyl wraps we have used, Arlon IllumiNITE doesn’t bruise easily, this was very important for us as we had many complex curves and edges to wrap over.

Another obvious reason we used this film was because of it’s reflective ability. IllumiNITE looks just as good, bright and vibrant at night as well as day time.

arlong logo

Print & Production

Once everything had been approved, we planned the print and production phase through the design layout. Everything was measured to specific size, laid and printed in a specific manner.

To achieve the best possible colours, we printed the entire vehicle on our eco-solvent printer. This meant, that we needed to let the material out-gas for 24 hours before we began the laminating process as you can see below.

Once laminated, we moved onto the trimming process. Everything was then boxed up and delivered downstairs to the installers.

IMG20200915130205 (1)

Customer Inspection

You know they are happy when the grin is this big!


Installation Progress

Alignment over complex curves and sharp edges was our biggest challenge. We sat down with the team and planned the print layout and how we would overlay the different parts of the car to make sure everything aligned perfectly. However, we had a challenge and planning on a 2D surface doesn’t always work perfectly.

The only issue we came across was the blend for the front bumper bar. Nevertheless, challenges are no problem, we worked through it and got a nicely aligned finish.

Install Complete!

Check out the photos of the car below, with and without flash!

The Reveal

The reveal

We had finished the full wrap but it was still a working floor. So, we did our best to tuck the car away under a cover and take out most of the cars from our workshop.

The most exciting part of this project was seeing the big smile on Natalya and Danny’s faces when they personally unveiled the wrap.


The first look

The Reveal

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