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Sparks With Master Sparky Electrical

Auto Artisan: budget-friendly design excellence. Revamped Master Sparky logo and ute—minimal, cost-effective, modern.

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Jungle Warrior Princess With Auto Artisan

Auto Artisan & JMR Creative’s collab results in a standout wrap. Auto Craze elevates Hilux with lift kits, bull bars, wheels—powerful brand transformation.

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Porsche Carrera Cup

Bullrush Rally and Cameron Hill envisioned a groundbreaking Porsche racing design, marking another World First for Auto Artisan.

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Back to the Future With Dr. D

Preview the wrap’s narrative, creative photo concepts, and meticulous post-processing in our Back to the Future Project. Embark on a journey through time and style.

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Cars & Coffee Art Project

Creative fusion transformed cars, people, and photography. Wild designs and vivid photoshoots, meticulously planned and executed for a unique experience.

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Dragons Fairies & The Wild West

In 1980, 10-year-old Yvetta’s car passion blossomed. School sketches featured a dreamy Cadillac and Ford F100. Inspired by shapes and movies, she aspired to own them one day.

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