Back to the Future
With Dr. D

Collaboration Project

Car: Porsche 991 GT2RS

Goal: Wrap creation to resemble Back to the Future Delorean. Then, replicate the theme of the movie with a photoshoot.

The inspiration for this wrap actually came from Dr. D personally. In one of our initial discussions, he wanted to create something iconic for Bullrush Rally.

We would like to proudly present our Back to the Future Project, including the story behind the wrap, photo shoot ideas and post processing.

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Creative Pathways

Moving on with the creative designs behind this project, Dr. D as you can gather is a doctor, a plastic surgeon to be more specific. Growing up, his favourite childhood movie was back to the future. So, it fit perfectly to tie in a theme with him as the doctor from Back to the Future.

If you would like to see his work on instagram, you can follow through and check out the hashtag #donebydrd

Here at Auto Artisan, we collaboratively worked with Dr. D to plan the design of his GT2RS based on the Delorean in the movie so we could bring it to life.

Our design team started moving on this project, we carefully extracted images from the movie vehicle, then started working on the iconic “9Elorian” as improvised by Dr. D.

Check out the images.

B2F delorean

Design Process

We had limited time to make sure we can get the design right and approved by Dr. D. Then, we needed to make sure it was ready for Bullrush Rally  We had many cars to wrap, this one of the contenders!

The next stage was to “Auto Artisan” this design. We felt, the delorean from the movie was very basic with it’s colour scheme’s we wanted to bring some new age colours and ‘neon glow’ into it.

We worked with Dr. D and ended up with 4 sets of revisions, however the final design was well worth it!

We rolled in some reflective solutions into the electricity and flames! We couldn’t wait to see the results at night under a flash light.

Added Details

Set the clock.

The title of the movie.

This was the second Bullrush Rally for Dr. D – it was only fitting that we wrote “Back to Bullrush Rally II” 


First Design

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Back to the Future 23.8.19

Final Design

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Back to the Future 23.8.19

Wrap Installation

The wrap installation on this GT2RS appeared simple but we had limited time due to the Bullrush Rally event coming up.

One of the challenges for us was in the electricity details on the door.. It was complex! This was all laser cut, we needed to install all of the lightning bolts, then remove section by section, small snippets of the electricity so it appears to go behind the letters then, cross over the front of the text.

The front bar was tricky, we had 2 options, either wrap it with many stickers to create the artwork or wrap it in 1 large format print. The issue with large format single canvas was that it could easily strech out of shape and appear incorrectly. However, we are certain about our skill set, so we decided to do it the ‘auto artisan way’. We carefully placed all of the designs on a measured large format print and we wrapped the entire front of the car with 1 large section.

The result was perfect, nothing had stretched out of proportion!

The rest of the details were in the flames and reflective work to finalise the installation.

Installation Process

GT2RS Revealed

The Reveal

Wrapping the Model

Our model was Naz Bright, she had co-ordinated a photo shoot location with Dr. D. For this project. At Auto Artisan, we created some reflective flames and Auto Artisan logos specifically to be wrapped on a person. Of course, we modified our own logo to match with the photo shoot flames!

Then, we continued the wrap install around her legs and down to her feet.

Props by Dr. D

Dr. D had his personal props which he had for Bullrush Rally, this was the perfect opportunity to reflect it within the shoot. He brought, the wig, goggles, lab suit, radio active gloves and even the shoes!

It was all coming together nicely.

naz back to the future legs
install 1
install 2

We want to give a shout out to @lifeofsquilla for helping with the photos, she also came in to the photos as a female version of Marty Mcfly. Similar to our previous project with Cars and Coffee, it was time to bring the photos with all of the props and designs together.

We are Creators, Outlaws & Magicians.

The photoshoot took place in Pyrmont, over looking the Anzac Bridge. This was a stunning location, but it was “back to the future” So, we took it up a notch! Then, we started on some heavy editing using both Adobe Light room as well as Adobe Photoshop. We combined all of the images together and added layers upon layers of clouds, lightning, dust, debris in the air, leaves, and more. Then, we colour balanced the photo so it fits the scene.

Repeat this process for multiple photos and you have the final result!
This is the story that made it all possible, these are the extents we love going to!

Check out the final photos, just below!

The Reveal
The getaway DRDs
scientist gt2rs 2s

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