Petronas F1

Collaboration Project

Car: Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1

Goal: Showcase Wrap Potentials with a strong collaboration


IMG20200523123614 (1)

The Inspiration

This entire wrap idea started as an inspiration from a previous project. You may have seen a Lamborghini Aventador driving around the streets of Sydney, it’s a candy red colour at the front and fades to black at the back. This was our very first fade wrap but it was the start of something much bigger!

We like to be loud, make noise, stand out above the crowd. There was no chance we could keep AMG GTS as as a straight clean fade…. We needed to add more “Artisan”.

IMG20200430094143 (1)

Shift in design and ideas

We held a mini meeting and decided there are a lot of different creative ways we can go about this project. So, why not combine them all into 1 project and showcase another point of difference.

Starting from the basics, we played with different types of fades, such as

  • Front to back
  • Top to bottom
  • Diagonally top down

Having such a low car with a small roof line, we decided the front to back fade was the best option. Colour was the next issue, working with different colours starting with purples, we made our way over to green. Green was the choice actually, to be more specific, the AMG GTR green… but then… How was this original? It wouldn’t be. So, we continued to play with colours.

When we came across the teal colour, it had a different impact, certainly not a usual colour you see on the road. Very quickly, we came to a unanimous decision, this was the colour of choice!

Petronas Mercedes AMG F1 inspiration

The teal colour was such a nice choice but very quickly we decided, if it’s going to be teal, it should be Petronas F1 stripe colour, which is the same colour of the wing on the F1 cars.

This lead to a complete change in perspective, so we decided to incorporate a full F1 Mercedes AMG inspired race design, but in a very colourful, loud and “Artisan” manner!


Creative Pathways

Many ideas came together for this project, and very quickly as well. After all, our inspiration was the W11 Mercedes AMG Formula 1 car, with Petronas as the major sponsor and colour choice.

Concepts we brought into the wrap

  • Fade of the wrap, but reversed
  • Colour scheme – from the stripes but make it more prominent
  • Stars on the back of the car, not only a print, but to be embossed
  • Stars on the bonnet, not wanting to copy the actual f1 car too much, add our own creative difference
  • Reverse fade stripe
  • Entire print to be Reflective
mercedes stars
Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance  - Render

Backwards Approach

Let’s be honest here, we created this entire design with a lot of love and passion. Never, did we think we would get the attention of a major worldwide company who sponsors one of the biggest Formula 1 teams.

Just out of sheer luck, as the design was almost settled, we decided to approach Petronas Australia. This was a very exciting moment for us at Auto Artisan! Very quickly, things progressed, within 2 days we had a meeting at our shop in the board room.

Petronas brought several commercial products such as their Mercedes specific lubricant range “synthium” as well as several booklets and other samples, which we used to ensure the colour of the print was matching the actual Petronas Teal.

This was the start of our collaboration.

IMG20200910174902 (1)

3D Renders

Our first lot of designs were crude, it was all internal, so we didn’t go to extravagant efforts to make sure they presented well. This all changed very quickly though, as soon as the project became official, it was straight to proper 3D renders, we wanted to showcase the vehicle as close as possible to how it would look in real life.

The below images are the final design, before we added any extra sponsor logos and overlays.

Check them out below!


| Petronas | Meguiars | Driving Solutions | Arlon |

petronas synthium logom
arlong logo
driving solutions

The entire project was printed on Arlon IllumiNITE and we have always been a fan of this film. Especially having recently used it on the Huracana Grande project, we knew exactly what sorts of results we would get.

As we mentioned in the other project, IllumiNITE looks just as good, bright and vibrant at night as well as day time…. actually, maybe even better.

We were extremely proud to be working with such a strong brand like Petronas. Their teal colour really allowed for a strong contrast.

Driving Solutions came onboard with track time as well as skid pan time. We’ve previously worked with them in many other events. To be clear, the show always runs on point, without any hassles.

Finally, we have Meguiars Australia on board, they came into the show with their cleaning products. Specifically to show case, “For the Road” & “For the Track”. We are all enthusiasts here…. It’s safe to say we all want our toys to be clean and shiny.


Print & Production

Test prints, always a must. We made sure the scale and colours were going to perfect. This wasn’t just a fade, it was specific for this car. Scale was important, but colours had to be perfect!

IMG20200914080717 (2)
IMG20200914105136 (2)

Installation – F1 Pit Stop Crew

This was such a fun part of the project, it took a lot of careful planning but our idea was to simply replicate the Formula 1 pit stop crew.

IN the pits – wheels off, wheels on – OUT of the pits.

So, we set up our crew, prepared all of the materials, set up barricades to replicate a pit stop within our shop and we gave our selves 4 hours to dismantle, wrap, and re-assemble the entire car! Look… it was ambitious, especially because this was not a simple colour change. There were many different layers and components involved. We also had 5 guys at one time working on the car.

Check out the photos below.

Finished AMG GTS


Something was missing...

The AMG GTS was good, but could we do more…?


So, we designed and wrapped a matching Formula 1000 vehicle and a complimentary helmet.


Finished F1000 & Helmet



2000p1 petronas

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