With Scrape Armour


Supplied to you or Installed by Artisan.
The choice is yours.

Here at Auto Artisan, we are licenced to supply the Scrape Armour vehicle protection kits, but we are also able to install them for you. If you have the skills to install it yourself, check out our supply only prices.

Example Kits

Made to Suit

This is NOT a basic “fit’s all” kit. It’s specific, purpose made, just for your car. Scrape Armour installations can cover many ranges of vehicles from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari and so much more.

Say goodbye to front splitter damage from steep driveways, parking curbs, and more.

More than “just protection”

The kit is only installed once and will protect your front undercarriage from scrapes, damage and increase your re-sale value.
Unless you take severe damage.

Mclaren GT “The Snake” protected with Scrape Armour


3D scanned and manufactured

3d visaul

Protect Under Garments


Multiple vehicle makes and models available

From Alfa Romeo through to Ferrari, Tesla and more!