Artisan Sponsored
Race Livery

Collaboration Project

Car: Mercedes AMG GTS 

Goal: Create a custom designed, worn and torn race livery sponsored by Auto Artisan


The Inspiration

Inspiration for this project came from personal passion towards race liveries, but not the usual ones you would expect to see… We love old, dirty, and torn up wrap designs. We had designed so many wraps on other customers cars, and they all looked outstanding. It was time for us to create one for ourselves.

The idea was to have a race livery completely tattered and torn but with one major sponsor, Auto Artisan.

LRM_EXPORT_8885402067910_20190918_163941909 (1) (1)
LRM_EXPORT_91529677100342_20190917_162446635 (1)

Original Inspiration

The design you see above caught our eye at first sight. The original creators were Esselegi with their custom AMG GT3 race livery . We took this design as our inspiration but we aimed to make a lot of changes.

Examples of our previous designs

We have created a few different rustic, tattered, torn, tracked designs in the past. You would have noticed the 2 different Mclarens at the beginging of this story. However, we do have a few more up our sleeve. Check them out below.

Some of these designs were in conjunction with Bullrush Rally attendees to make sure their rides really stood out from the crowd of 50 other supercars!


Measurements & Prep for Design

Creative & Design

Many of the details came from the Esselegi design as we mentioned earlier. However, we made some simple, but obvious colour changes and utilised Auto Artisan colours. The largest part of this project was hand brushing all of the small details like the dirt, splatters, tyre marks and more. All up our designer spent about 6 hours for the hand drawn detail. It was very intricate, we needed to locate then align the vents, grills and edges of the wheel arches perfectly. If we missed these by a few millimetres, the dust and dirt could have ‘clean sections’ and the look would tie all together.

We added our Auto Artisan logos as a background layer but of course, these were faded and blended in with the dirty look as well.

IMG20201118084617 (1) (1)

Trials and Test Prints

Small scale but the details are definitely there and can’t be missed!

Print Proofs

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S 2Dr RWD coupe
2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S 2Dr RWD coupe

When it comes to printing anything in “high quality” we like to use our solvent printer. The blacks tend to be richer, it picks up colours so much better than our workhorse, the latex printer. This was different, because it was an old and worn design. Which meant the latex was absolutely perfect. It has a lot of advantages too, the best one being the ability to print and laminate immediately, we don’t have to wait for it to air out the solvents in the inks.


Test Fitments

After the initial lot of prints, we had to put them to the test. This had to fit right about perfect…. It is vinyl, so we have some ‘wiggle’ room to stretch the material but it’s always better to have a planned installation with accurate results. Even if it means we have to waste some material and time to test fit it.

Like they say… measure twice, cut once.



It was time to get moving on the installation process. The main parts of the car were laid first. Starting with the entire one side as a single layer print. This laid our foundation for alignment to the rest of the car. After all, we were confident because our test installation went very well.

Bit by bit as the installation was progressing, there were small touches we added. You can’t miss the most obvious one, the yellow headlight tints. Even more, we didn’t want to black out all of the chrome, so we took a different path. We actually tinted the badges all around using tint film. This worked really well, because when you use gloss black, it hides a lot detail, this way, we kept every bit of detail  of the AMG badge on the bonnet.

Check out the photos below.

Installation Photos


Something was missing...

New bonnet??

This AMG GTS has a lot of aftermarket aero parts installed, but it felt like something was needed to top it all off… We had seen these awesome bonnets on the race cars being re-manufactured with glass panels to show off the engine bay. This was it, we had to get one on this car!

So we purchased it and a few weeks later it was here. We took the car and bonnet to our friends at Exclusive Group to install it.

Check out the old vs new below.

IMG20210210155324 (2)

Finished Photos

Everything was completed, it was time for us to put the car back together and take out for some photos!




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