As a leading innovator in the Australian vehicle wrap industry, we have spent over a decade honing our skills, establishing relationships and mastering our craft in order to provide our customers with the best quality service available. In order to continually improve & maintain this high level of quality we have actively pursued certifications from leading vehicle wrap installation programs as featured below.
Avery Dennison logo

Avery Dennison Specialist Installer

The Avery Dennison Specialist Installer certification identifies that Auto Artisan is part of an elite group of vehicle wrap installers backed and supported by Avery Dennison Specialist Installer Program. As an Avery Dennison Specialist Installer we are able to pass value on to our customers with significant advantages including:
  • First-hand knowledge of and access to new products, allowing us to be ahead of our competition and impress customers with unmatched graphic finishes
  • Official endorsement by Avery Dennison to provide confidence in the quality of our work
  • Licence to display badge & signage of installer excellence
  • Guarantee of industry best practices
  • Full benefits from the ICS Warranty Program
  • A global network of industry leading service providers
  • Enjoy priority access to new and improved products
  • Member of an innovative & quality-focused team
  • Increased exposure through listing on the Avery Dennison website
  • Receiving the best quality material, in a high quality finish
  • Preferred Installer Status
  • Full service support from Avery Dennison
Arlon logo

Arlon 'Wrap it Right' Certified

The vehicle wrap industry continues to grow exponentially and evolve making consistent high quality work important. The Arlon ‘Wrap it right’ program aims to set up future success by providing valuable knowledge on best practice within the sign & graphic films industry. This has lead to the initiative to take what they’ve learned over the past 50+ years and share it with industry leaders.
  • Certification & endorsement of business
  • Certified logo for business premises & website
  • Recognized by Arlon Automotive the world’s most experienced cast vinyl film manufacturers
  • Ongoing education programs