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Vehicle Wraps

V8 Supercar Replica

Different Wrap Vehicle Finishes

By Michael Palladino | March 12, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

There are many different kinds of finishes when it comes to wrapping your vehicle, to suit all sorts of requirements and individual tastes. There is practically an infinite number of colours and custom designs you can wrap your vehicle in but this blog post will talk about the different type of texture and look of

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Audi Satin Black Matte Car Wrap Under Light

Are tinted car windows legal in New South Wales?

By Michael Palladino | February 26, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

Here at Auto Artisan we are industry-leaders in everything related to wrapping vehicles including cars, trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles and boats. If it moves, we wrap it! This also applies to entire fleets in our fleet branding. Another service we offer is car window tinting, however many people are confused about what is legal and

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vehicle wraps being applied

Vehicle Wraps Workshops

By Michael Palladino | February 15, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping today… Moving the industry forward Would it be any surprise to you that I still get asked what it is I do for work after telling them “we wrap cars”? To some of you it’s a short answer and sufficient, but to most it’s only just skimming the surface and vehicle wraps are much

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Jims Mowing Vehicle Signage Side View

4 Benefits Of Vehicle Advertising and Who It Works For

By Michael Palladino | February 14, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

So you run a small business here in Sydney servicing a few core suburbs with a limited marketing budget and you want more people to know about you. Maybe you’re not a small business, maybe you’re a larger business with an aggressive growth plan and huge marketing investment to achieve large-scale brand awareness in a

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Car Wrapping design on Holden Colorado

Wrapping Vs Painting Your Car

By Michael Palladino | February 6, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

One question we get asked all the time is ‘Why should I wrap my car instead of painting it?’ and it’s a great question. Its such a great question in fact, we thought we’d write a blog post about it! When someone wants to change the aesthetic of their car (or any vehicle for that

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Avery Dennison Trade Show Porsche

Automotive Restyling – A global phenomenon

By Michael Palladino | September 30, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

Today in a world where branding and image is everything, automotive restyling and car wraps are a huge part of the ability to represent yourself and your personal brand correctly. At Auto Artisan, we understand that your vehicle is not only part of your lifestyle, but part of you; and every individual has the right

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Vinyl Car Wrapping Price

Vinyl Car Wrapping Price VS Other Sydney Advertising Costs

By Michael Palladino | August 19, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

As industry leaders, at Auto Artisan we believe that every business is searching for the most affordable and effective marketing tools to promote their brand; and vehicle signage has become the ultimate branding tool for businesses, large and small. The Vinyl Car Wrapping price is reasonably priced and yields excellent results compared to other Sydney

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Holden Matte Black Wrap

Matte Black Car Wraps: The Benefits (Besides Looking Great!)

By Michael Palladino | June 18, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

The increasingly trendy matte black car wrap is inspired from the sleek stealth look of military fighter jets, with many high-end matte black cars replicating the aerodynamic features and style showcased in aviation designs. This use of matte black vehicle wrap is evident today in the form of partial wraps (i.e. bonnet, roof, boot, spoiler)

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new website design

Introducing Our New Website & Vehicle Restyling Analysis

By Michael Palladino | April 30, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

Recently the Auto Artisan website underwent a total restoration, to create a finished product that better represented our companies brand, continual commitment to cutting edge design and customer service in the car wrapping industry. Thanks to the ongoing services of web design & online marketing experts Hybrid Web on the Gold Coast, we were able

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auto artisan blog ebook

9 Ways Vehicle Signage Can Get You Ahead of Your Competition

By Michael Palladino | April 15, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

The average business is always on the look out for the most effective and affordable marketing tools so they can promote their brand and business. At Auto Artisan our goal is to introduce vehicle signage to the public to showcase its benefits and educate prospective buyers on just how crucial vehicle signage can be to

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