Sparks With Master Sparky Electrical


Project Objective

Transform an ordinary white work ute into a visually captivating mobile advertisement, enhancing brand visibility and attracting attention for Master Sparky Electrical.

Client Collaboration and Design Efficiency

This project provided a unique opportunity as the client, demonstrating exceptional confidence in our expertise, granted us full creative freedom, eliminating the need for extensive back-and-forth discussions. This streamlined approach enabled us to swiftly develop a compelling design concept that required only minor adjustments before progressing to production.


Client Background and Aspirations

Master Sparky Electrical, an expanding electrical business in Glenmore Park, Western Sydney, harboring ambitions of business growth through a cohesive brand identity.


Balancing Budget and Impact

Understanding the significance of cost-efficiency alongside achieving maximum impact, our focus was on crafting a striking design that also addressed the necessity for a logo refresh. This strategic approach aimed to harmonise visual appeal with budget considerations, ensuring outstanding value for the client.


Logo Revamp with Minimal Disruption

The existing Master Sparky Electrical logo, extensively utilised across branded materials, called for a contemporary update. Our strategy involved rejuvenating the logo while retaining its fundamental visual elements to facilitate a seamless transition and ongoing functionality of existing branded materials. This method minimised the immediate need for comprehensive rebranding, offering a cost-effective route to a refreshed image.



Blending Design Elements

Integrating the updated logo’s background colours with the lightning motif was executed seamlessly, strategically dispersing logo elements throughout the design. The entire wrap utilized reflective film, ensuring that the lightning bolts guide viewers to the Master Sparky logo and phone number when illuminated at night.

Addressing Design Challenges

The rear section of the vehicle presented a complex layout with multiple segments, crossbars, and toolboxes, as seen in the original image. To tackle this complexity, we strategically positioned the logo at the design’s outset, ensuring its prominence and using design lines to cleverly conceal seams for each section. Additionally, the existing cage temporarily present on the client’s vehicle was digitally masked in the design, as the client intended to remove it.

Visual Fidelity of Digital Rendering

To showcase our wrap vision with maximum quality, we opted to present designs directly from our digital rendering software. This approach aimed to highlight the precision and realism achievable through our digital rendering methods, providing clients with a clear preview of their wrapped vehicle’s appearance.


Material Selection and Partner Collaboration

For the desired reflective effect, we selected Arlon IllumiNITE wrapping film known for its bright white appearance under reflective conditions. Through our partnership with Graphic Art Mart, we secured the necessary materials for project progression.


Expert Installation and Meticulous Inspection

A skilled team member completed the entire wrap installation within a single day. Following installation, our team leader, Chris, conducted a thorough quality control inspection typical of large-scale wraps. This meticulous process involved inspecting edges and utilising post-heating techniques to ensure optimal adherence and conformity to the vehicle’s contours.



Reflective Impact

Photography following installation showcases the unique visual response under varying lighting conditions, replicating how headlights interact with reflective surfaces at night. While daytime differences may seem subtle, the impact truly shines as twilight transitions into darkness, as evidenced in subsequent night photos.


The Reveal

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