Project Snake Mclaren GT


The Inspiration

Our client expressed a desire for a highly creative and distinctive car wrap during his initial consultation. He had reviewed our previous projects and sought a design that transcended conventional approaches. While acknowledging the inherent beauty of the McLaren GT, he desired a visual enhancement that would elevate its aesthetic appeal. Following a comprehensive brainstorming session, a McLaren MSO-inspired paint design emerged as a potential starting point. However, a collective decision was made to pursue a unique and personalised iteration.

Client Considerations

During the design process, a crucial factor emerged: the vehicle’s interior colour, a specific shade of brown/tan. Our client expressed a strong desire for colour harmony between the wrap’s exterior and the interior, particularly due to the McLaren’s iconic scissor doors, which frequently remain open, drawing attention to the interior space.

Material Selection

Through thorough exploration of colour options, our team envisioned a fade wrap using a colour-shifting material. Opting for Orafol’s Gloss Avocado, known for its vibrant green hue that transitions to a captivating brown-reddish tone depending on the viewing angle. Notably, this film, along with other Orafol colour-shifting vinyls, features a non-directional characteristic. This ensures that regardless of lighting conditions or installation orientation, the colour shift maintains a consistent flow in response to light variations.




Our collaborative discussions inspired three unique design concepts. While our client had a clear vision, refining the colour fade and brushstroke patterns was crucial. Each design variation was enhanced with diverse embossing options. The final design featuring a striking snake motif evolved naturally through the interplay of embossing and fade patterns, adding a distinctive touch.

The intricate brushstrokes were hand-drawn in Adobe Photoshop, while the underlying scales were meticulously crafted in Adobe Illustrator to enhance depth and texture. Explore the design process and initial concepts below.

Organic Design Evolution

This project showcases the fluidity of the design process. While a fixed vision may not always guide the initial stages, exploration often leads to impactful discoveries. Through meticulous experimentation, the team uncovered the design’s true potential, culminating in a unique and captivating outcome.


Alignment and Material Optimisation

To ensure precise alignment of printed elements and embossing patterns, our team developed an innovative technique using pre-existing pre-painted film (PPF) cut templates. Further details on this approach will be discussed below.

Prior to production, rigorous testing procedures were conducted to ensure seamless integration of colour fade, hand-drawn shading, and ventilation elements. To mitigate risks associated with the high-cost colour-shifting material, alternative solutions were implemented. By utilising discarded print media, a full-scale representation of the side profile and bonnet was digitally printed and applied for fitment verification. Although time-intensive, this process guaranteed flawless application of the final material.


Embossing Pattern Development

The provided image showcases the meticulously crafted installation guide for the embossing pattern, a critical step preceding the wrap application. Leveraging existing PPF cut files as a foundation, our designer transformed the three-dimensional vehicle template into a two-dimensional layout for material preparation. This innovative approach played a key role in bringing the envisioned snakeskin design to life with exceptional accuracy.




High-Resolution Output


For projects requiring superior print quality, we utilise our solvent printer for richer blacks and enhanced colour fidelity compared to our primary latex printer known for its versatility and efficiency. While solvent printing may take longer, the quality justifies the investment. Cured prints are carefully dried on a fan-cooled rack to ensure ink adherence and colour consistency before lamination for durability and protection.


Installation Process and Material Considerations

Despite thorough preparation and successful test prints, installation posed unforeseen challenges due to the material’s thickness and reduced conformability compared to standard wraps. Alignment issues necessitated reprinting certain sections and acquiring additional material. This project underscores the importance of adaptability and problem-solving when working with innovative materials to achieve exceptional results.

The Reveal

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