Back to the Future With
Dr. D


Collaborative Vision

The inception of this project was sparked by Dr. D’s aspiration to create an iconic entry for the Bullrush Rally. Embracing this collaborative vision, we set out to metamorphose a Porsche 991 GT2RS into a captivating tribute to the beloved “Back to the Future” film franchise. Drawing inspiration from the DeLorean’s distinctive design elements, we meticulously crafted a wrap that faithfully captured the essence of Doc Brown’s time-traveling masterpiece. To further immerse viewers in the “Back to the Future” universe, we planned a photoshoot that echoed the film’s themes and iconic imagery. Leveraging advanced editing techniques, we enhanced the visual impact of the photos, amplifying the nostalgic charm and futuristic elements.

Key Highlights

The success of this project was fuelled by the collaborative synergy between Dr. D’s vision, our design expertise, and the photographer’s artistic perspective. Attention to detail was paramount, with both the wrap design and photoshoot incorporating elements that resonated deeply with fans of the “Back to the Future” franchise. Through a harmonious blend of technical skill and artistic flair, we delivered a visually stunning outcome that exceeded expectations.


The Inspiration and Collaboration

Dr. D, a passionate plastic surgeon and lifelong “Back to the Future” enthusiast, envisioned a distinctive wrap for his Porsche 991 GT2RS as a tribute to the iconic DeLorean time machine. Collaborative discussions were instrumental in translating his vision into reality for the upcoming Bullrush Rally, amidst tight timelines and numerous other vehicles vying for attention.

Extracting and Transforming the DeLorean Essence

Our design team painstakingly extracted key visual elements from the movie’s DeLorean, crafting Dr. D’s personalised version, the “9Elorian.” This digital design served as the foundation for further elaboration.


Adding a Modern Twist

To infuse a contemporary touch, we proposed incorporating modern hues and a “neon glow” effect while maintaining homage to the original DeLorean’s colour scheme. Through iterative collaboration with Dr. D, we refined the design to strike a perfect balance between his vision and our creative interpretation.


Enhancing Visual Impact

Strategic use of reflective materials within motifs like “electricity” and flames aimed to heighten visual impact under night-time illumination, especially under spotlights, creating an air of anticipation for the final reveal.

Personal Touches and Rally Recognition

Additional details further personalised the wrap, including:

  • Dr. D’s set clock time
  • Bullrush Rally start and end dates
  • Previous Rally visit date
  • Movie title prominently displayed
  • A celebratory inscription: “Back to Bullrush Rally II,” commemorating Dr. D’s second participation


Wrap Installation

The wrap installation on this GT2RS appeared simple but we had limited time due to the Bullrush Rally event coming up.

One of the challenges for us was in the electricity details on the door.. It was complex! This was all laser cut, we needed to install all of the lightning bolts, then remove section by section, small snippets of the electricity so it appears to go behind the letters then, cross over the front of the text.

The front bar was tricky, we had 2 options, either wrap it with many stickers to create the artwork or wrap it in 1 large format print. The issue with large format single canvas was that it could easily strech out of shape and appear incorrectly. However, we are certain about our skill set, so we decided to do it the ‘auto artisan way’. We carefully placed all of the designs on a measured large format print and we wrapped the entire front of the car with 1 large section.

The result was perfect, nothing had stretched out of proportion!

The rest of the details were in the flames and reflective work to finalise the installation.



Wrapping the Model

Our model was Naz Bright, she had co-ordinated a photo shoot location with Dr. D. For this project. At Auto Artisan, we created some reflective flames and Auto Artisan logos specifically to be wrapped on a person. Of course, we modified our own logo to match with the photo shoot flames!

Then, we continued the wrap install around her legs and down to her feet.


Props by Dr. D

Dr. D had his personal props which he had for Bullrush Rally, this was the perfect opportunity to reflect it within the shoot. He brought, the wig, goggles, lab suit, radio active gloves and even the shoes!

It was all coming together nicely.

The Reveal

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