Artisan Sponsored Race Livery


From Inspiration to Innovation

This project transcends mere car customisation; it embodies the passionate pursuit of transforming a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS into a unique expression of Auto Artisan’s identity. Driven by a love for race liveries with a twist, the team aimed to create a design that defied convention, embracing a “worn and torn” aesthetic.


Breaking From the Mold

While countless customer vehicles had been adorned with stunning wraps, the time had come for Auto Artisan to unleash their own creative vision. The concept? A race livery crafted to appear tattered and weathered yet retaining its inherent performance-inspired spirit. This unconventional approach sought to push boundaries and showcase the team’s artistic daring.

Inspiration and Adaptation

Esselegi’s custom AMG GT3 race livery served as a starting point, sparking the design process. However, Auto Artisan wasn’t content with mere imitation; their goal was to reimagine the concept, infusing it with their own distinct style.

A History of Rusticity

This wasn’t their first foray into the realm of “rustic, tattered, and tracked” designs. The two McLarens showcased at the beginning of the story hinted at their penchant for defying automotive norms. Yet, this project promised to further explore their creative territory, offering a glimpse into their diverse design portfolio.

Collaboration for Impact

Some of their previous creations were born from collaborations with Bullrush Rally participants, ensuring their supercars stood out amidst a sea of competitors. This collaborative spirit resonated with Auto Artisan’s ethos and fuelled their drive to create a truly impactful design.


Building Upon Inspiration

As mentioned earlier, Esselegi’s design served as a foundation, providing a framework for Auto Artisan’s creative interpretation. While retaining key elements, the team embarked on a meticulous customisation process: 

The heart and soul of this project lay in the intricate hand-painted details. The designer spent 6 hours replicating dirt, splatters, tire marks, and other weathering effects. Precision was paramount, as aligning these details with the vehicle’s vents, grills, and wheel arches demanded unwavering focus. Any misalignment would have disrupted the illusion of age and wear, compromising the overall aesthetic.

Subtle Branding

Auto Artisan’s logos were discreetly incorporated as a faded background layer, seamlessly blending into the weathered texture. This subtle integration reinforced brand recognition without detracting from the design’s authenticity.

Trial and Error: Achieving the Perfect Print

The team typically relied on their solvent printer for superior colour richness and detail. However, given the “worn and torn” aesthetic, the latex printer emerged as the ideal choice. Its ability to print directly onto laminated material without requiring solvent outgassing proved advantageous, streamlining the workflow.


Laying the Foundation

With the design finalised and printed, the installation commenced. The team strategically began with the larger sections, applying the single-layer print covering one entire side of the car first. This meticulous approach ensured proper alignment across the entire vehicle, drawing upon the learnings from their successful test installation.

Refined Touches

As the installation progressed, the team incorporated additional elements to further enhance the overall look. The vibrant yellow headlight tints instantly grabbed attention, adding a touch of boldness that complemented the weathered aesthetic.

Preserving Detail with Tinted Badges

In a unique twist, the team opted to deviate from the typical blackout approach for chrome accents. Instead, they employed tint film to subtly darken the badges around the car. This ingenious solution preserved the intricate details of the AMG badge on the bonnet, striking a balance between personalisation and brand recognition.

The Spark of Inspiration

Despite the comprehensive customisation, the team felt a crucial element was missing. Inspired by the exposed engine bays of race cars, they envisioned a transparent bonnet showcasing the raw power beneath. This innovative idea marked the final piece of the puzzle.

Partnering for Excellence

To bring their vision to life, the team collaborated with their trusted partners at Exclusive Group, renowned for their expertise in vehicle modifications. The bonnet purchase and installation were entrusted to their capable hands, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design.


The Reveal

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