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Graphics for Walls, Glass and more

Auto Artisan offers a business and decorative graphics service, providing custom vinyl wall graphics to brand or design office or factory spaces. Elevate your workspace with personalized elements such as your business logo, mission statement, or slogan through our expertly installed wall graphics. Whether for long-term use, seasonal promotions, one-time events, or specific requirements, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our expertise extends to various settings including Retail Shops, Restaurants, Offices (Communal or Personal), Workshops, Boardrooms, and Kitchens.

In addition, we offer frosting film options ranging from simple strips to custom-designed, printed, and cut solutions. Frosting film adds privacy and a decorative touch to any space. Auto Artisan provides design and installation services, ensuring high-quality results that meet the needs of your project.

  • Bespoke designs and installation
  • Work closely with our professional graphic design team
  • In-house print and production
  • Prices tailored to each project
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Benefits of Custom Wall Graphics & Window Frosting

Make sure your business stands out

Visual Appeal and Aesthetic Enhancement
Strong Business Branding and Identity
Customise Design Decorations
Temporary or Permanent Solutions
Privacy and Dividers
Glare Reduction
Easy Maintenance
Advertise your business on your storefront

Trusted by our Partners We keep them happy and long term.

Case Study Custom Wall Graphics 
& Window Frosting.

Powerhouse Supplements

Founded in 2009, Powerhouse Health & Nutrition Pty Ltd, also known as Powerhouse Supplements, began in a small shop with limited stock and capital, focusing on customer satisfaction and a friendly atmosphere. Rapid growth led to a warehouse-style operation, offering an extensive range of competitively priced supplements, clothing, and accessories in Australia. We created a 15m x 3m interior wall mural for Powerhouse Supplements with custom images and design elements; other smaller wall graphic segments; window graphics.

The particularly large scale of the flagship mural meant that a lot of care had to be taken to ensure all the elements could be scaled without losing quality. The mural was produced in printer-wide sections that allowed our technicians to work with smaller sections during the installation. The full scope of this project allowed us to define the retail space with a distinct and impactful elements of Powerhouse Supplement’s brand identity – some of which would last long term, whilst others would be changed seasonally.

Whether office or factory, restaurant or kitchen, Auto Artisan has the capacity to personalise your business space with your own design language. With a range of interior finishes or custom graphics and prints, we can help add the final touches to your fit out.

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