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    Auto Artisan Group prioritizes industry partnerships, recognizing their essential role in cultivating a skilled and future-proof workforce. Our combined years of experience in sales, operations, and front-line installations have led us to create proprietary software and systems, now available for use by individuals and workshops who operate as an affiliate of Auto Artisan Group. Our goal is to establish a unified platform that empowers vinyl wrap businesses of all sizes to flourish.

    Membership in the Artisan Plus ecosystem positions your business at the industry’s forefront. We are endorsed by recognized industry leaders and work closely with them to develop training rubrics that establish best practices within the field. Our ecosystem’s assurance is twofold: we support workshops in aligning their training and business practices with the highest industry standards, and we guarantee the superior workmanship of projects completed by any Auto Artisan affiliate.

    Auto Artisan Academy was formulated to provide best-in-class training for the automotive vinyl wrap industry. We focus on accessible entry points for new workforce members, training placement and employment opportunities, and long-term career pathways. As industry-leading educators, we have developed rigorous, outcomes-driven assessments. This ensures that graduates possess the entrepreneurial mindset, technical skills, and industry qualifications that employers value—translating to increased efficiency, higher-quality workmanship, and a distinct competitive advantage for Academy graduates in the job market.

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