How Did the Wrap Industry Start?

The wrap industry first gained traction in the early 90s with branding and advertising on taxis, then the transition to cosmetic vinyl enhancements took place.

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Understanding Vinyl Wraps – Before Installation

Explore the basics of vinyl wraps before installation: Learn about their PVC composition, layer dynamics, and maintenance tips to enhance longevity and appearance. Ideal for car enthusiasts and professionals.

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Hi Quality Group Truck wrap

Thanks to our friends @Hiqualitygroup who delivered this brand new @kenworth from @gilbertandroach for our team to work our magic. With a steady hand and precut pinline we created a little more flair for this great looking rig.

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The Art of Van Wrapping

Somewhat overdue but still gets us excited…this video gives a great insight into the process of wrapping @Tonya the dragons bus presented through @Autocraze for the @St George Dragons team of hard hitting players. Starting with a blank canvas this is our story…and result.

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Best Paint Protection for super car

Stonechips, scratches and staining don’t come into the equation anymore for this customer and his @Lamborghini Huracan with the application of our @Suntek paint protection film, invisible to the eye it’s a must if you’re wanting to get the most out of your ride without damaging your paint.

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Can you vinyl wrap a Jet Ski? Give your jet ski a fresh new look

We have been filming so many vehicles lately we though it would be a great time to showcase some of our other works, timing could not be better with this @Seadoo Jet Ski leading into the warmer months.

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