Cars & Coffee Art Project


Collaboration with Cars and Coffee Project

Creative Challenge

Auto Artisan Group partnered with Cars and Coffee to embark on a project that went beyond traditional car wrapping. The collaboration involved transforming a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with a visually captivating design and documenting the process through an artistic photo shoot. This endeavour fused automotive customization with design, photography, and collaborative spirit to produce a unique and memorable outcome.

Overall Significance

This project showcases Auto Artisan’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries, surpassing client expectations, and delivering visually striking results. By seamlessly integrating car wrapping with artistic expression and meticulous planning, we achieved a distinctive outcome that transcended the typical car wrap project.


Collaborative Concept and Design Challenges

Discussions with Cars and Coffee revealed a shared vision for a visually striking design that would stand out among the supercars at the event. While the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder provided an exceptional canvas, we aimed to enhance its visual impact further. Despite challenges posed by the low resolution of an image on Cars and Coffee’s feature wall, we meticulously reconstructed it in Adobe Photoshop for compatibility with large-format printing, forming the basis of our design.

Resolving Design Constraints

Recognising the image’s limitations, we opted for a meticulous reconstruction in Adobe Photoshop, ensuring compatibility with large-format printing. This revised artwork served as the foundation for the design.

Enhancing Visual Impact

To elevate the design, we introduced a reflective film application to create a nuanced visual effect. This innovative approach aimed to subtly blend into the environment during the day while transforming into a captivating display under reflective lighting, drawing attention at key moments.



Efficient Approach for Temporary Design

Concealing the original yellow paint of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for a temporary event wrap posed a unique challenge considering budget and time constraints. Acknowledging the one-time use nature of the design, we adopted an efficient approach different from our standard procedures: To maximise coverage, we strategically applied vinyl directly over existing car panels and badges. While this method diverged from our usual full-panel process, it proved highly effective for this temporary wrap scenario.

The Reveal

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