Ariana Grande Design Lambo


Sparking Joy with a Personalised Ride

This project goes beyond car customisation; it embodies the enchanting process of transforming a cherished object into a tangible expression of pure joy. It tells the story of an 11-year-old Ariana Grande superfan and her father’s remarkable surprise: a fully wrapped Lamborghini Huracan inspired by her idol.

A Journey into “Victorious” Fandom

The young fan’s admiration for Ariana blossomed upon discovering the TV series “Victorious” on Nickelodeon, captivated by Ariana’s portrayal of Cat Valentine. This initial spark ignited a passion that fuelled her ongoing engagement with Ariana’s career, from “Sam & Cat” to her music.


From TV Star to Pop Icon

As her admiration grew, so did her collection of Ariana-themed memorabilia, each item serving as a cherished reminder of her idol’s influence.

The Seeds of a Dream Birthday

Witnessing the unwavering enthusiasm of his daughter, her father conceived an extraordinary birthday surprise: a personalised Lamborghini Huracan adorned with a design as unique as her passion. With this project, we embarked on a journey to bring her dream to life.


A Fusion of Creativity and Fandom

This project transcended mere artistic freedom; it embodied a collaborative effort between a passionate fan and a designer attuned to their idol’s essence. Danny, Natalia’s father, entrusted Auto Artisan with capturing Ariana Grande’s unique personality in a breathtaking Lamborghini Huracan wrap. 

Drawing Inspiration from “Thank U, Next”

Our designer studied Ariana’s artistic expressions, delving into album covers, song meanings, and personal style. The “Thank U, Next” album cover served as a key source of inspiration, evident in the soft pink clouds and the subtle outline of Ariana’s face adorning the wrap.

Beyond Visuals: Capturing Ariana’s Spirit

Our designer went beyond replicating mere visuals; she aimed to capture Ariana’s persona. The subtle moon motif, inspired by Ariana’s neck tattoo and recurring space themes in her music, reflected this deeper understanding. The vibrant rainbow, referencing her “no tears left to cry” song and signature Instagram filter, injected a playful personality into the design.

A Touch of “Mean Girls” Humor

For a dash of humour, our designer incorporated a subtle reference to Ariana’s role in “Mean Girls,” integrating the iconic “Burn Book” design into the rear quarter panel. This added dimension resonated with Ariana’s multifaceted style and playful humour.

A Collaborative Masterpiece

The final pièce de résistance was a line sketch of Ariana, created by the talented Visualz by Diego. Our designer expertly integrated this artwork into the wrap, solidifying the personalised connection to the pop icon.

Arlon IllumiNITE: Bringing the Design to Life

Given the vibrant colours, space references, and desire for a dynamic visual impact, the team opted for Arlon IllumiNITE. This innovative material promised to “pop” both during the day and at night, adding another layer of excitement to the design.

From Inspiration to Reality

Our designer poured her passion and understanding of Ariana into crafting the artwork, resulting in a single design proposal. To everyone’s delight, Danny instantly approved it, recognising the perfect reflection of his daughter’s idol. With that, the design journey embarked on its physical translation.


Meticulous Planning for a Flawless Wrap

With the design approved, the process of translating our designer’s artistic vision into tangible reality began. Each element was measured, scaled, and arranged within the design layout software.

Uncompromising Colour Vibrancy

To achieve the vibrant colour palette that captured Ariana’s essence, the team utilised their eco-solvent printer. This technology ensured exceptional colour fidelity but required a 24-hour out-gassing period for the material before lamination. This crucial step guaranteed optimal adhesion and prevented bubbling or lifting after installation.

Overcoming Alignment Challenges

Aligning the design across the Huracan’s complex curves and sharp edges posed a significant challenge. The team planned the print layout, strategically overlaying sections to ensure flawless alignment. While a minor hurdle arose with the front bumper bar blend, their expertise and problem-solving skills yielded a visually perfect outcome.

A Customer’s Delight

The client’s satisfaction was evident upon inspecting the printed wrap, fuelling the installation team’s dedication to bringing their daughter’s dream to life.

A Grand Unveiling

With the wrap installed, the team carefully concealed the Huracan, creating a sense of anticipation for the grand reveal. The stunning unveiling left our clients in awe and unconcealed joy – a truly rewarding culmination of meticulous planning, skilled execution, and unyielding passion.

The Reveal

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