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Truck/Trailer Skins Truck Skins or Truck Cab wraps include business branding as well as simple colour changes! This is a layer of vinyl film that is applied to the outside walls of a truck or trailer to transform the plain aluminium sides into advertising space or to breath new life into the vehicle. The vinyl film applied comes in many finished such as the standard high gloss or matte finish, in addition, there are films that stand out such as reflective‘s and textured finishes. The wrap is often mistaken as paint, because the quality of the finish so good.

Truck Protection Artisan Group provides a range of truck protection services including Interior protection, Wheel protection, Fuel tank protection film, Bullbar protection film, Chrome/Alloy and Stainless protection film, Paint protection film and Ceramic coating.

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Negotiable turnaround times
  • Keep your truck looking newer for longer
  • Protection from environmental contaminants
  • Avoid costly cosmetic repairs and replacements
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Case Study Trucks/Trailer Protection & Graphics.

Muscat Trailers

You know this more than we do, every day, trucks are on site and getting damaged. How difficult is it to repair a painted vehicle? Very. It’s also expensive and time consuming.

Muscat Trailers partnered with Auto Artisan in a Truck and trailer Wrap. We can wrap right about any panel on your truck and the finish is absolutely stunning. As good as paint, if not better. You can choose a simple colour change, company logos or a wild custom design. It’s all in your hands.

When the operation of your truck and trailer is essential to earning an income, it’s important to limit or reduce vehicle downtime wherever possible. Each day you lose due to downtime will directly reflect in money lost out of your back pocket. Installation of Truck Skins vinyl film at Auto Artisan can be completed in as little as half a day. This is comparison to a painted solution that could see your truck and trailer off the road for over a week.

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