Don't Commit to a permanent change!


Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Windscreen Protection Film

Why Protect Your Windscreen?

  1. Avoid cracks and chips little rocks that flick up from other cars
  2. No more surface scratches whilst cleaning
  3. Windscreen replacements are expensive, if you want to avoid this…

Windscreen Protection Film is for you!

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Design & Print Services

Wild design or Simple and Elegant

Custom designs are our forte, we’ve spent years growing our design capacities and it reflects right back on our projects. Don’t be intimidated though, because we can be as wild, simple, elegant, complex or vibrant as you want us to be.

It’s not just about the design either, we also have large format printing equipment that will allow us to colour match the design you see, right on to print!

Is it time for a custom design?

For your | vehicle | living space | office fit out |
Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Wall Graphics

Here at Auto Artisan, you can consider us as connoisseurs  in wall, floor, even cupboards and bench top re-designs/wraps.

We can create and install great designs to home or business. Our architectural wraps can be used for short or long term features. You never need to commit to a permanent change, they are removable.

We have in-house designers whom can help you through out the custom design or business wall graphics. If you prefer, we can simply print out the artwork supplied by you as well.

You will love the final outcome!

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Fleet Branding & Large Scale Projects

If you have a large scale company, your image consistency is one of the most important aspects to the public. If you don’t have good branding in place, you won’t stand out or have your own identity in a competitive market. That can have an impact in your profits and success, and hamper your businesses growth. Companies need to utilise every opportunity they get to showcase their brand.

Re-branding or a Fresh Fleet, it does not matter.
We’ve got you covered!

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Truck Wraps and Skins

Truck Skins or Truck Cab wraps include business branding as well as simple colour changes!

This is a layer of vinyl film that is applied to the outside walls of a truck or trailer to transform the plain aluminium sides into advertising space or to breath new life into the vehicle. The vinyl film applied comes in many finished such as the standard high gloss or matte finish, in addition, there are films that stand out such as reflective‘s and textured finishes.

The wrap is often mistaken as paint, because the quality of the finish so good. There is a major bonus though, NO MORE LENGTHY TURN AROUND TIMES.

Is it time to change your trucks appearance?

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Boat & Jet Ski Wraps

At Auto Artisan we pride ourselves on being leading vehicle wrap professionals with the ability to meet all boat wrap requests, no matter how big, small or complex the project. This comes as a result of the support we receive from our industry experts and our established national wrapping network.

Boat & Jet Ski vinyl wraps are a fantastic investment as they provide valuable protection to the exterior of the vessel, can ensure your boat stands out from the crowd and acts as an excellent tool for building & promoting your brand or sponsors. Typically a boat wrap will last 3-4years when correctly maintained with the thick and scratch resistant vinyl wraps extremely durable and easily repaired if torn. Many avid anglers choose to use boat wraps to protect their vehicle from salt or fuel that can significantly diminish the integrity of the exterior of the boat.


Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Car Colour Change Wrap

Change the colour of your car, change it again, or remove it, whenever you want.

Want to change the colour of your car? Auto Artisan can help, even more, we will do it better than other ‘cheap service’ providers. There are endless colours and styles to choose from and we can do it all in-house. Changing the colour of your car can make it feel brand new again! This service is extremely popular for people looking to easily re-design the overall look of their car.

As automotive restyling industry leaders we are among the best in Sydney. We have years of experience in car colour changes as well as custom wrap creations, meaning your vehicle is in trusted hands. All of our services come with warranties and ongoing support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Is it time for a new look?

Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car.

Business Branding Wraps

Value your business and the way you present it to the public!

Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century and as much we may or may not like it, the mass public is visually driven. We live in a society where it takes 0.3 of a second for someone to make up their mind about you or your business. When it comes to presenting your brand or company to the public, you literally have ONE opportunity to help them make a decision as you drive past.

Seize the opportunity by making sure, your brand represents you well!

Vehicle Restyling

Our restyling options are the perfect way to re-design your car without committing to a permanent change.

Through the use of “reversible” products we can transform a customer’s vehicle from being ordinary into a vehicle that is in line with the style of the driver, an extension of their individuality and creativity.

How is it Reversible?

The term reversible is used because most of the products we work with can be removed at a later date

Ultimately reversing the transformation. This means that no permanent change has been made to the vehicle making it an easy sell when it comes time to upgrade.

Our Services Are Not Limited to Cars

You could call us modern day sign writers, choosing computers, printers and premium vinyls as our paint and brush.

With these tools we can design and print the most complex, abstract and imaginative designs, which we then install on the substrate of your choice, it could be a car wrap, wall wrap, building wrap, boat wrap, anything that will hold still long enough to be wrapped.

We look forward to the challenges thrown at us every day, we’ve completed some quirky requests like fridge wraps, camera wraps, kitchen wraps, gaming console wraps just to name a few.

We put pencil to paper, paper to a digital render and render to reality.

From render to reality, our first part of the process is to help you visualize what we together aim to achieve by providing you with artworks we call renders. Once you’re happy with the render it’s time to make it a reality. With our extensive vinyl range of different colours, finishes and textures we can combine, layer, cut, print and wrap almost anything to give you an original artisan inspired creation.