Business Branding Wraps

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Get noticed, now.

There is no better time than right now to take action. Your business needs to be noticed and you need a strategy in place to stand out as much as possible. We want to help you.

So, we have created an entire page for you that explains what you should be doing through these times and why. Furthermore, we are providing discounts to business owners as well as payment plans, interest free.

We have examples of works, costs associated and more.

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Car Colour Change Wrap

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Change the colour of your car, change it again, or remove it, whenever you want.

Want to change the colour of your car? Auto Artisan can help, even more, we will do it better than other ‘cheap service’ providers. There are endless colours and styles to choose from and we can do it all in-house. Changing the colour of your car can make it feel brand new again! This service is extremely popular for people looking to easily re-design the overall look of their car.

As automotive restyling industry leaders we are among the best in Sydney. We have years of experience in car colour changes as well as custom wrap creations, meaning your vehicle is in trusted hands. All of our services come with warranties and ongoing support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Is it time for a new look?

Full colour change wraps starting from $4,000 including GST or $78 per week! (over 12 months, interest free)

Paint Protection Film

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Why Paint Protection Film?

  1. Increase re-sale value
  2. Avoid damage to your car whilst it is parked outside.
  3. Damage due to highway driving or careless people in general.
  4. Protection from scratches caused on job sites

PPF Is just what you are after.

Truck Wraps and Skins

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Truck Skins or Truck Cab wraps include business branding as well as simple colour changes!

This is a layer of vinyl film that is applied to the outside walls of a truck or trailer to transform the plain aluminium sides into advertising space or to breath new life into the vehicle. The vinyl film applied comes in many finished such as the standard high gloss or matte finish, in addition, there are films that stand out such as reflective‘s and textured finishes.

The wrap is often mistaken as paint, because the quality of the finish so good. There is a major bonus though, NO MORE LENGTHY TURN AROUND TIMES.

Is it time to change your trucks appearance?

Fleet Branding & Large Scale Projects

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If you have a large scale company, your image consistency is one of the most important aspects to the public. If you don’t have good branding in place, you won’t stand out or have your own identity in a competitive market. That can have an impact in your profits and success, and hamper your businesses growth. Companies need to utilise every opportunity they get to showcase their brand.

Re-branding or a Fresh Fleet?

Decals and Stripes

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Decals or Stripes…? 

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

At Auto Artisan group, we are able to reproduce original manufacturer decals and stripes or something custom and bespoke for your taste.

We can even purchase OEM  decal kits and install them for you. Anything you need, just ask us!

The make or model of your car is no problem either, we can handle decals on any vehicle or even a van, bus, truck, you name it. All of our designs, as well as the print and production is handled in-house. We don’t outsource the work, so we know the quality is spot on.

Is it time for a new look?

Design & Print Services

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Wild design or Simple and Elegant

Custom designs are our forte, we’ve spent years growing our design capacities and it reflects right back on our projects. Don’t be intimidated though, because we can be as wild, simple, elegant, complex or vibrant as you want us to be.

It’s not just about the design either, we also have large format printing equipment that will allow us to colour match the design you see, right on to print!

Is it time for a custom design?

For your | vehicle | living space | office fit out |

Artisan Fade Wraps

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Change the colour of your car, change it again, or remove it, whenever you want.

Want to change the colour of your car? but you just can’t decide which way to go. Well, you can always choose 2 different colours, or even more!

We can provide a prominent directional fade, a colour-shifting fade, and so much more! These are purpose designed specific for your car, not generic, you will have a 1 of 1 wrap.

Time to Fade away?

Full Fade wraps starting from $6,000 including GST

Vehicle Restyling

Our restyling options are the perfect way to re-design your car without committing to a permanent change.

Through the use of “reversible” products we can transform a customer’s vehicle from being ordinary into a vehicle that is in line with the style of the driver, an extension of their individuality and creativity.

Our Services Are Not Limited to Cars

You could call us modern day sign writers, choosing computers, printers and premium vinyls as our paint and brush.

With these tools we can design and print the most complex, abstract and imaginative designs, which we then install on the substrate of your choice, it could be a car wrap, wall wrap, building wrap, boat wrap, anything that will hold still long enough to be wrapped.

We look forward to the challenges thrown at us every day, we’ve completed some quirky requests like fridge wraps, camera wraps, kitchen wraps, gaming console wraps just to name a few.