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vehicle tinting

Headlight Tinting Customise your vehicle while protecting headlights from scratches, UV damage and fogging with headlight tinting. By applying premium quality vinyl, headlight tinting provides your headlights with a protective transparent layer, keeping your headlights looking newer for longer.

Window Tinting Ceramic window tinting is a non-reflective and durable film that is scratch-resistant and does not interfere with radio or cellular transmissions. It incorporates microscopic ceramic particles to create a UV-reflective tinted surface making it more effective than other forms of window tinting.

  • Block out UV light
  • More privacy
  • Customise your vehicle
  • Protection from scratched, UV damage and fogging
  • Look newer for longer
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Benefits of Detailing & Tinting

The best care for your car

Available in a range of tints
No interference with cellular and radio transmissions
Visual Appeal 
and Aesthetic Enhancement
Blocks damaging UVA and UVB rays
Keeps your vehicle cooler in the hot summer months
Glare reduction
Added Privacy
Easy maintenance

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Paying attention to the details

Professional detailing is just that – a heightened level of attention that notices details no one else will. Detailers use specialised tools & techniques to clean and restore even the most difficult to access areas of a vehicle. This maintains the quality of a vehicle and can even elevate it beyond the quality of a brand new finish.

Whether for personal satisfaction, or as part of a presale service, detailing can be a worthwhile investment for any car owner.

  • Enhanced appearance & finish
  • Enhanced service life and resale value
  • Refresh exterior & interior surfaces
  • A sound investment for any vehicle

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