Best Paint Protection for super car


Have you ever wanted to take that long trip in your favourite vehicle but in the back of your mind knew that you may regret it?

Stonechips, scratches and staining don’t come into the equation anymore for this customer and his @Lamborghini Huracan with the application of our @Suntek paint protection film, invisible to the eye it’s a must if you’re wanting to get the most out of your ride without damaging your paint.

PPF Benefits includes: UV protection, stonechips resistant, Self healing against minor scratches and Hydrophobic coating.

Available in high Gloss or Matte finish.

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How Did the Wrap Industry Start?

The wrap industry first gained traction in the early 90s with branding and advertising on taxis, then the transition to cosmetic vinyl enhancements took place.

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Hi Quality Group Truck wrap

Thanks to our friends @Hiqualitygroup who delivered this brand new @kenworth from @gilbertandroach for our team to work our magic. With a steady hand and precut pinline we created a little more flair for this great looking rig.

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