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Why You Should Wrap Your Trucks and Trailers

By Michael Palladino | March 27, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

Sydney Truck Centre Truck Wrap

Trucks are large vehicles and as such, there is a lot of space on them which could be better used to advertise your business or even just livened up with some colour. Here at Auto Artisan, we offer our unique range of TruckSKINS, which are a layer of vinyl film which can be applied to your truck or trailer to brand your vehicle, advertise your business or just to give the vehicle a cosmetic facelift. Below are 6 benefits of wrapping your trucks or trailers here in Sydney:



Wrapping your truck or trailer is a great way to promote your business to potential customers in the local area. Given how quickly and easily we can transform your vehicles, its even possible to change them frequently based on different advertising promotions or campaigns which your business runs.


Paint/Aluminium Protection

Trucks and trailers used for industrial work are subject to a lot of wear and tear, constantly being driven around construction sites and being loaded/unloaded etc. When you wrap your vehicle with our vinyl truck wrap you protect the paintwork or aluminium underneath from the suns strong rays, chips, light knocks and other general wear and tear.


Minimise Downtime

We understand the opportunity cost of your truck or trailer being off the road in dollar terms. This is why we work hard and fast to wrap your truck or trailer in as little as half a day! This minimises the time your vehicle is off the road and resultantly the amount of money your business loses by the vehicle being immobile. In comparison, painting your truck could see it off the road for a week or more!


Fleet Branding

Even if you don’t wish to use your fleet of trucks as full-on advertisements, its still a great idea to brand them the same. This creates a uniformity and professionalism which looks great to your current and potential customers.



Here at Auto Artisan we are proud to offer over 250 colours with different finishes including matte and gloss. We also do entirely custom work depending on your individual needs and requirements. There is very little we can’t do when it comes to wrapping vehicles!



Aside from all the other benefits of wrapping your truck or trailer compared to painting, it is also significantly cheaper than a custom paint job. Prices vary depending on the job we do but we will always be more affordable than a paint job of the same quality.

Whether you have a large fleet of trucks and trailers or just the one, these are just some reasons why you should consider wrapping them. To speak to a friendly vehicle-wrapping expert right here in Sydney, pick up the phone and give Auto Artisan a call or send us through an email today!


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Michael has a strong passion for creating fashion for your car, having helped shape Auto Artisan into premier innovators and vehicle wrap industry specialists.

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