Vinyl Wrapping a Franchised Business Vehicle

Franchised Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl-Wrapping vehicles for a Franchised Business in Sydney

If you’re the owner of an individual location of a franchised business, you should strongly consider having vinyl wrapping a business vehicle(s) with company branding. Whether it’s a gym, fast food outlet, real estate agency or other Sydney-based franchised business, here at Auto Artisan, we can wrap your vehicle(s) quickly and efficiently while ensuring the strict brand guidelines, associated with many franchised businesses, are met. It’s important that the community of the area you service is familiar with your business and the products or services it offers. Below are 5 reasons why you should have your franchised business vehicle(s) wrapped at Auto Artisan today:


Running a local business can often involve tight profit margins, or no profit at all for newly-established businesses for a certain period. This often means marketing is neglected altogether or is sparse at best. Branding your vehicle is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising possible, especially considering the wrap will last 5+ years. If you run a local fast food outlet, this is an especially important point as overheads are extremely high!


If you’re a new business, its very important to build awareness of what your business offers in the local area. For example, if you run an F45 gym franchise, a branded F45 vehicle will generate conversation amongst members of other gyms if they see it in the area.


The beauty of vehicle advertising for your franchised business is that you are exposing your business to a perfect audience for the products or services you provide. For example, if you run a Century 21 real estate franchise here in Western Sydney, your vehicle is being driven around the suburbs you want to buy and sell homes in being seen by those who want to buy and sell their homes!


A clean, well-presented vehicle with a tidy vehicle-wrap will create a positive and professional impression of your business and promotes trust in the community.


While this point has little to do franchised vehicles specifically, it may help achieve a higher price for the business when selling the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the factory paint beneath it and is easy for a professional to remove when the time comes. Vinyl wrap will typically protect your business vehicle from UV rays, insects and even light stone chips. Regardless of what industry your franchise business is in, this is a massive bonus!

Auto Artisan is one the leading vehicle-wrap companies in Sydney. For a quote for your car, truck or even boat, call or email us today!

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