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Vinyl Car Wrapping Price VS Other Sydney Advertising Costs

Vinyl Car Wrapping Price

As industry leaders, at Auto Artisan we believe that every business is searching for the most affordable and effective marketing tools to promote their brand; and vehicle signage has become the ultimate branding tool for businesses, large and small. The Vinyl Car Wrapping price is reasonably priced and yields excellent results compared to other Sydney advertising costs. Auto Artisan specialises in working with businesses to create these outstanding quality vehicle wraps.


Using a vinyl wrapped vehicle in your local area has been proven to dramatically increase your exposure and awareness among those who work, live or even travel in the area. The key difference between vehicle wraps and traditional forms of media such as radio, billboards and television, is that it provides your business with 365 days a year of 24/7 exposure, for up to 5 years. The use of vehicle graphics also has the capability of boosting your brand name recognition 15 times greater than other forms of outdoor advertising, and 31% of people say that truly cannot help but notice transit advertising. Recent studies have also indicated an average vehicle wrap can deliver over 2,500 impressions per dollar spent on the graphics. Vehicle wraps truly are an excellent and affordable investment!


Vinyl Car Wraps start from a one off payment of just $2,500 and if maintained correctly, can last up to 5 years. That means than vinyl car wrapping costs only $0.15 per 1,000 impressions, giving you the best cost price for Cost Per Impressions (CPM), and an excellent business exposure.


Within the Sydney area, as the second cheapest comparison to vehicle car wrapping, Billboard advertising comes in at $1.78 per 1,000 impressions.


For an AM radio slot, it costs $5.92 per 1,000 impressions for a 60 second AM radio slot.


For a quarter page advertisement in black and white Newspaper, it costs $11.66 for 1,000 impressions.


For a local television network spot, it costs a whopping $11.71 per 1,000 impressions.

Comparing Signage

At Auto Artisan, we understand how important your business branding is – and that’s why and how we know that Vinyl Vehicle Wraps really work. We have many raving reviews from satisfied clients.

Creative Engineer from Art & Soul Signs and Digital Print, John Nicolas had this to say about our services:
“I can truly say the AAG team have completed the job with the respect that it owes all of you involved and far surpassed my expectations. Michael Palladino and your devoted team, you guys are true artisans in your chosen field and I sincerely thank you for restoring my faith in the art.”

It’s not only singular cars, boats etc. that we wrap. We can also brand your entire fleet with our fleet vehicle branding services, giving you that competitive edge and great brand exposure that other forms of advertising simply can’t offer for the price.


For more information on vehicle signage and quality car wraps, download our e-book, “9 Ways Vehicle Signage Can Get You Ahead of the Competition”.


With a reputation for innovation, quality customer services, and excellent craftsmanship, Auto Artisan Group are industry leaders. Our professional and friendly team at Auto Artisan Group look forward to hearing from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or to discuss our services in detail.

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