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The Importance High-Quality Vinyl Wraps for Your Vehicle in Sydney

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There are many benefits of using vinyl wrap to cover your vehicle instead of painting it, including cost, speed, protection of the paint underneath and removability however these can all be in jeopardy if the vinyl wrap used isn’t of an extremely high-quality. Unscrupulous car wrap professionals may cut corners by purchasing and using cheap, low-quality vinyl wrap on their customers vehicles, however here at Auto Artisan we feel very strongly about only using the highest-quality vinyl wrap in our work whether we’re wrapping an entire vehicle or just partially wrapping it.

How is Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Made?

Vinyl vehicle wraps are made primarily from Poly Vinyl Chloride (AKA PVC) while other ingredients are added including plasticisers, which give the vinyl film flexibility, pigment agents which give the final colour or tint, and UV absorbers to improve the efficacy of the film against the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun. Naturally, if low-grade versions of these products are used, the finished vinyl wrap will also be of a poor quality.

What affects the quality of the Vinyl Wrap?

Obviously, the quality of raw materials mentioned above will affect the quality of the vinyl wrap, but the manufacturing process and methods will also have an impact on the finished product. There are two main methods of manufacturing the vinyl wrap which is used on vehicles – cast and calendared. The main difference between the two methods is how the vinyl is dried after the raw materials or ingredients have been mixed together. Generally speaking, casting produces higher-quality vinyl wrap which lasts longer than its calendared counterpart. The grade of plasticiser used can also have a big impact on the durability of the finished product. The two main types of plasticiser used are polymeric or monomeric plasticisers with polymeric being of a superior quality to monomeric.

Application Process

While it’s no secret that the skill and experience of the technician will have an effect on the finished product, it can actually be the difference between the vinyl wrap being correctly ‘activated’ or not. Most vinyl wrap used on vehicles is ‘pressure-sensitive adhesive back’ wrap whereby the vinyl is coated with a special form of glue contained in tiny bubbles on the side of the wrap which is pressed against the vehicle. These microscopic bubbles will only release their glue when expertly activated. This correct activation is achieved by combining the tools of the car-wrapping trade – a heat gun, blowtorch and squeegee. This is a delicate process where everything must be done perfectly and in a particular order to achieve a stunning result, otherwise the glue won’t activate properly and the wrap may bubble or lift down the track.

Here at Auto Artisan, we are industry-leaders in wrapping vehicles of all shapes and sizes based here in Sydney, Australia and we use only the highest grade and quality of vinyl wrap every time. For a no-obligation quote for vinyl-wrapping your vehicle, please call or email us today!

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