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Matte Black Car Wraps: The Benefits (Besides Looking Great!)

By Michael Palladino | June 18, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

Holden Matte Black Car Wrap

The increasingly trendy matte black car wrap is inspired from the sleek stealth look of military fighter jets, with many high-end matte black cars replicating the aerodynamic features and style showcased in aviation designs.

This use of matte black vehicle wrap is evident today in the form of partial wraps (i.e. bonnet, roof, boot, spoiler) or a full vehicle wrap. When used the matte black finish creates an aesthetically attractive appearance, with the ability to add a performance edge with carbon fibre texturing, a raw look with brushed aluminium texture or choose to combine all three elements for a unique finished product.

‘Matte Black’ is the new Black

'Matte Black'

The Australian sun and bustling city lights can turn a glossy black car into nothing more then a moving mirror, reflecting its surroundings. Matte black vehicle wraps cut back the amount of reflected light and provide a smoother, stylish and sleek look. Turning your ride into a deep black-silhouetted look that is currently sought after by car owners seeking an exterior that shows of the vehicle without distortion caused by reflections.

Matte Black Car Wrap Cost

Matte Black Vehicle Cost

The average high quality paint job can range from $2,000 – $10,000 depending on the colour, shop and quality of the paints. In comparison to professionally installed vinyl wraps with the highest quality materials which cost on average $2,500 and when properly maintained can last up to 5 years.

This means for a fraction of the cost of paint, you can choose to wrap your vehicle for as long or as little as you desire!

Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

The instant you choose to have a matte black finish (through the use of vehicle wrapping), the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) paintwork underneath becomes protected from the general wear and tear you would experience when driving your vehicle on a daily basis.

Once applied the film surface is specially designed to protect the original paintwork from light abrasions, stone chips, sun damage and in the circumstance that a single section of the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced to unforseen damage, they can be purposely re-wrapped at a short notice.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your car looking pristine can be a difficult task, with the need to constantly wax your car likely to take its toll on you. So what if there was a way to enjoy the luxury of an immaculate car exterior, without all the hassle? Well there is thanks to the innovative technology of vehicle wraps. With there sleek design, vehicle wraps are extremely easy to maintain and will ensure your car looks brand new with a simple hand washing with soap and water.

Long Lasting & Safe Removal

Easy Removal

It’s important to protect your vehicle and high quality vehicle wraps can do just that by guaranteeing a long lasting product that can also be safely removed if required. The average life expectancy of a vehicle wrap is 5 years but this is dependant on how well maintained the exterior is and the amount of exposure to the sun. During the 5 years the vehicle wrap can be removed safely, revealing the original paintwork in perfect condition.

Note: If your vehicle is mostly kept in the garage this will allow you to maximise the vinyl wraps life to the fullest extent.

Resale Value ‘Cost Neutral’

Resale Value

Your vehicle may be your pride and joy but it’s also an investment that will depreciate over time. So picture having the luxury of driving your vehicle 30,000kms guilt free without causing damage to the original paintwork or finish. This is more than just a thought it’s a reality thanks to the advanced surface film technologies in the marketplace that allow you to breathe new life into your vehicle while simultaneously maintaining its resale value.

The ability to maintain a vehicles residual value is among the greatest reasons for getting your vehicle wrapped, with the recent trend earning the term ‘Cost Neutral’. This refers to the initial cost of the vehicle wrap being made back in the value retained when you choose to resell your vehicle.


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