How to Protect Your Car from Stone Chips

Stone Chips Protection - AAG Worker at Work

Stone chips are the bane of many driver’s existence, especially those who frequently drive on suburban or rural roads or at speed. Stone chips are basically small stones and pebbles on the road, which fly up at your car at speed while driving, caused by your own wheels or those of another vehicle. They typically hit the front or sides of your vehicle and damage the top layers of paint when they connect with it. In serious cases they can damage the paint right through, leaving your car susceptible to rust damage. This article will explain the best way to protect your beloved vehicle from being damaged from them; vinyl wrapping:

Car-Wrapping to Prevent Stone Chip Damage

Many of our clients use Auto Artisan to wrap all or part of their vehicles for aesthetic benefits along with the protective, practical advantages it brings. However, if you are perfectly happy with the colour and finish of the paintwork on your own vehicle, no problem! In this instance we can use a transparent protective film which offers just the functional benefits of robustly shielding your factory paintwork from stone chips and other issues such as fading from the sun.

If we are applying clear wrap purely for functional purposes, many clients only want the front and sides of their car done as they are the areas most likely to be affected by stone chips flying. Our vehicle-wrapping specialists will then cut the sections of film to fit the exact areas which they will be covering, before applying it with meticulous attention to detail.

Once applied, clear vinyl wrap will not be noticeable compared to the previous exposed factory paint yet will protect your cars paint from stone chips, dust, bugs and UV rays for up to 5 years, similar to how a protective film preserves the screen of a smart phone.

If your car already has excessive chips or scratches it may not be suitable for wrapping. The reason for this is that when the vinyl wrap is eventually removed, it may flake the paint where the scratches and chips are located on the vehicle as they will have weakened the paint.

Can I apply the wrap myself?

While you can apply the wrap yourself (just like you can cut your own hair!), we strongly advise against it. If the wrap isn’t applied perfectly, there may be bubbles of air which will look unsightly and will also allow moisture to seep in, which may cause premature rusting of the paint underneath. You wouldn’t try to fix your cars engine if you had no experience, so we advise the same mindset when it comes to applying delicate vinyl wrap to its surface!

For an obligation-free quote on wrapping your vehicle to protect it from stone chips or any other reason or to discuss your vision for it, call Auto Artisan or drop into our workshop in Sydney today.

For information on paint protection please refer here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paint_protection_film

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