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Formula 1 2006 McLaren

From working on a customers F1 Replica to being given the opportunity to splash some colour on the real deal we were feeling blessed to say the least, we love our job.

It wasn’t going to take much to have this ex-Kimi Raikkonen 2006 McLaren looking as though it was going to launch out of the pit box once again, our customer asked that we work with the existing colour palette when redesigning the livery and to keep it clean. Like most of these unique projects, most of the magic happens on the day of install.

We wrapped the bottom half using a Satin Black vinyl which then provided us with a new canvas, a different looking beast which inspired more ideas until we had reached the border of “just right vs too much”. We added orange, white pinline and gloss carbon fibre to finally end up with a result which matched the customers brief and this engineering marvel.