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Paint Protection Film (PPF)  and Paint Coating are very different. Below are some quick explanations;

PPF is a clear film that is wrapped over the top of your paint. It’s purpose/abilities are listed below.

  • Protect the original paint under the protective film
  • Self healing
  • Strong & durable
  • Replaceable at any time if damage has occurred.

Ceramic Coating is designed to;

  • Increase shine
  • Create hydrophobic effect
  • Provides greater ability to “buff out” damages
  • Enhance UV protection to existing paint
  • DOES NOT – stop stone chips OR stop anything that causes deep gouges or scrapes.

We do NOT use;

  • Low quality films can discolour and turn yellow over time, or films that have the “orange peel” effect which minimises shine.

Yes, you can use PPF and Ceramic Coating together, for the absolute best possible finish and paint protection.

WATCH, the PPF application process

Lamborghini Huracan

Super car, super protected Flexed Biceps on Apple iOS 12.2

Porsche 911 – 991 Carerra GTS

Black cars don’t need swirl marks in their paint – avoid it with PPF OK emoji


A very special colour, that we need to ensure stays this fresh OK emoji

Guaranteed Protection

You have the choice of how long you want the wrap as well as our work to be guaranteed for, we can provide either of the 2 options below;

  • 5 year guarantee
  • 10 year guarantee
    *More details about the guarantee included in our terms and conditions, please discuss with us.

Paint Protection Pricing

Below is the average cost for Paint Protection Film (PPF)

COMPLETE Vehicle protection

  • COST: $5,500 – $6,500     

OR    approx from. $110 per week for 12 months (interest free)

Stone Chip Protection     Inclusions: Front bar, front lip, mirrors, bonnet, front guards to be wrapped in PPF.

  • COST: $2,200     

OR    approx. $45 per week for 12 months (interest free)

These are general indicative costs. Cost may be subject to change per vehicle, please contact us to discuss the pricing specific for your vehicle.

Please contact us to protect your pride and joy