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How to Choose a Colour for Your Vehicle Wrap

Car splashed in a variety of colours

Here at Auto Artisan, customers come to us every day knowing they want to change the look of their car but can’t decide which colour to go for! The design, colour and texture you choose should reflect your personality if it’s a privately-owned vehicle or your brand if it’s a business or fleet vehicle being wrapped. Below is a list of what different colours mean to help you decide on the perfect tones for your perfect car:

  • White: White is an extremely popular choice for car-owners here in Australia given our hot climate. The colour white is generally associated with youth, safety and cleanliness.
  • Black: Black is considered a colour of luxury, synonymous with black tie balls, well-cut suits and elegant dresses. If the goal is for your car to reflect sophistication and luxury, then black should be a strong contender. It can be dressed up or down depending upon the finish you go for with matte and gloss being two of the most popular choices.
  • Grey: Grey is the perfect middle-ground between black and white and is generally associated with traditional values, maturity and stability.
  • Green: Green cars carry strong associations with very different cultural topics; namely money or finances and the environment or freshness.
  • Red: It’s no secret that red has always been one of the most popular colours amongst supercar owners both here in Sydney and around the world. Its considered an ‘emotionally intense’ colour and is synonymous with passion, excitement, power and anger.
  • Blue: Blue is a masculine colour and is arguably the most popular colour in the world. It is said to be a trustworthy colour, and is closely aligned with traits such as loyalty, authority and confidence.
  • Orange: Orange is another popular colour amongst supercar and modified car drivers. It’s a playful and energetic colour and is associated with heat and energy. It’s a great colour for someone who really wants their car to stand out from the crowd!
  • Brown: Brown is a less common colour for cars however this fact will make your car more unique if you decide to go down this path. Brown comes with an air of seriousness and masculinity. It’s an earthy tone and is also aligned with honesty and warmth. Brown is most often used on UTEs or off-road vehicles.
  • Purple: Purple is another brave and bold colour to wrap your car in. Its fresh and cutting-edge especially when combined with a metallic finish. This is another strong contender if you really want your car to make a statement.
  • Yellow: Finally, yellow is a colour which suggests friendliness, approachability and cheer. It’s a happy and positive colour so if you’re that kind of person, yellow might be a good choice of colour for your car wrap!

While these are a selection of colours available to wrap your car in, there is also the option of combining different colours, designs, textures and finishes to create your dream car. Here at Auto Artisan in Western Sydney, we’re vehicle-wrap experts so call or email us today for a friendly and free quote for your vehicle!

2 thoughts on “How to Choose a Colour for Your Vehicle Wrap

  1. Bob Krogdahl says:

    Do you have in your colour range a fluro “Baby Pink”?
    Bob Krogdahl

  2. Bora Bright says:

    Hi Bob, we can get almost any colour, we would need you to see the swatch books and confirm that you are happy. If you would like to discuss further, please contact us on 1300 WE WRAP or 1300 939 727

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