How Does Vehicle Wrapping Work?

Applying Vehicle Wrapping Protection

For many of our Sydney customers, the first question they ask us is “How does vehicle wrapping work?”. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question, there are a few key stages to the wrapping process, which we’ve outlined below. Vehicle wrapping can be applied to any vehicle including cars, trucks and even boats. A vehicle wrap is a process whereby the surface area of a car or other vehicle is entirely or partially covered with a high-quality vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap is bonded to the vehicle using an adhesive and can be removed at any time. Below are the different steps in the vehicle wrapping process:


The first step is naturally choosing which vinyl you’d like on your vehicle. Will it be partially or totally covered? What colours would you like? Will there be images, slogans or patterns? What finish would you like the wrapped vehicle to have? Once these questions and some others are answered, we will arrange delivery of your custom high-quality vinyl wrap.


Before the vehicle wrapping commences, our technicians will ensure the vehicle is correctly prepared for the process. This includes thorough cleaning to remove all debris, including bugs or tar, and giving attention to small dents or scratches as these will be quite visible once the vinyl has been applied otherwise. Next up is removing items like mirrors to make the application process smoother and the final step before beginning application is planning how to approach the wrap process such as which parts first of the vehicle will be wrapped first etc.


After the preparation stage comes the fun part, applying the vinyl wrap! This is also a very tricky process and a DIY approach may leave a sub-standard finished product with air bubbles and kinks. Our expert technicians apply the vinyl wrap carefully before smoothing and stretching it out with their hands and purpose-built tools. Stretching the vinyl wrap sometimes requires heat to be applied at the perfect temperature to avoid scorching the vinyl wrap. The next step is the painstaking process of trimming all the edges without damaging either the wrap or the factory paint underneath. When it comes to a very large vehicle such as a truck, another problem can pop up – seams in the wrap. If one piece of wrap is not wide enough to wrap the front or back of a vehicle, two pieces must be overlapped however it takes a very skilled technician to make it appear seamless. Not as easy as it first seems right?!

Here at Auto Artisan, we are industry-leaders in wrapping vehicles of all shapes and sizes based here in Sydney, Australia. For a no-obligation quote for vinyl-wrapping your vehicle, please call or email us today!

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