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Different Wrap Vehicle Finishes

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There are many different kinds of finishes when it comes to wrapping your vehicle, to suit all sorts of requirements and individual tastes. There is practically an infinite number of colours and custom designs you can wrap your vehicle in but this blog post will talk about the different type of texture and look of car wraps. Below are the most popular vehicle wrap finishes in Sydney:


When most people think of vehicle wraps, a matte finish is often the first thing that springs to mind. From high-performing supercars to slick company-branded vehicles, a matte finish will always turn heads. Our matte wraps can give your vehicle that look you’ve been dreaming about far cheaper than a matte paint job. Like all our wraps, our matte wrap can be easily removed when necessary to reveal your flawless factory paint underneath.


Have you ever passed on a great deal on a car you really want because you didn’t like the colour? Next time remember that with gloss vinyl wrap, you can make your new car the exact colour of your dreams. Again, wrapping your car in a gloss wrap will only set you back a fraction of the cost of a quality spray paint job.


Metallic wraps just like metallic paint, add a premium look to your vehicle. They are very similar to gloss wrap as they have a shiny finish however our metallic wrap will reflect light in a different way due to the flecks in the wrap finish, again like the more expensive option of metallic paint.


A beautiful hybrid of glossy and matte, satin vehicle wraps have a shine to them while remaining very much in between the two finishes. Many consider satin wrap as a slightly smarter version of matte. Satin wrap has a truly beautiful look and feel to it.


Chrome is one of the more expensive car wraps on the market due to its high material costs along with the skill level and time needed to apply it to a vehicle correctly. However, nothing screams luxury quite like a chrome wrap finish to a high-end performance car. If you want your car to be the ultimate status symbol then a chrome wrap is for you!

The above are examples of the most popular wraps we do for our Sydney clients and can be applied to cars, trucks, trailers, boats and pretty much any other vehicle you can think of! To chat about your vehicle wrap needs, get in touch with Auto Artisan today.

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