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Wrapping Vs Painting Your Car

Car Wrapping design on Holden Colorado

One question we get asked all the time is ‘Why should I wrap my car instead of painting it?’ and it’s a great question. Its such a great question in fact, we thought we’d write a blog post about it! When someone wants to change the aesthetic of their car (or any vehicle for that matter) they often instinctively think of painting it. Car wrapping is a much better and more flexible option! Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider wrapping your vehicle instead of painting it right here in Sydney:


While painting your car can take 1-2 weeks, we can have your car wrapping completed in just a couple of days from drop-off to pickup depending on the level of complexity of the job. This limits the inconvenience of you being without your car for a prolonged period of time and means you don’t have to wait as long for your shiny new toy to be ready!


Australia’s strong sun is extremely tough on your car’s paintwork. Over time, the UV rays will fade the paint which is why it can be difficult to find a match when you chip the paintwork of a car which is more than a year or two old. With wrapped cars, both of these issues are practically eliminated! Here at Auto Artisan we use durable vinyl wrap produced by Avery Dennison which protects your vehicle paint from stone chips and prolonged sun exposure the entire time the car wrapping is in place.


One day you may decide to move on from the car that is your pride and joy today and you don’t want to have a very limited pool of potential buyers in Sydney who have the exact same taste in car colours as you. Our vinyl wraps can be easily removed by our expert team revealing the manufacturers paint once more. Not only is the factory colour restored but the paintwork will also have been protected the entire time the car wrapping was installed. Too easy!


Wrapping your car is often less than half the price of a re-painting job. Searching for cheaper options to paint your car often leads to poorer quality paint being used too. I think that’s enough said on this point!


If you wish to re-paint your car, you’re limited by the range of factory paint colours available or the skill of the designer you’re working with if you want an unusual or intricate design. These issues are eliminated with wrapping your car. You also have the option to just wrap certain areas or panels instead of the whole car. Finally, there are a range of finishes to choose from with car-wrapping including gloss, matte, brushed metal, satin and carbon fibre!


Finally, once your car is completed, whether freshly painted or wrapped, you’re going to need to maintain it to keep it looking great. With a paint job, you’re going to need to keep waxing and polishing to keep it pristine but with a car wrap you simply need to wash it with soapy water saving you hours and hours of time and effort which could be better spent driving your masterpiece instead!

These are just some of the reasons more and more people are choosing to wrap their vehicles instead of painting them. For a no-obligation quote with one of our friendly vehicle-wrap experts here in Sydney just give us a call today.

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