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Car Wrapping Trends in 2018

Car Wrapping Trends in 2018

While the fundamentals of vehicle-wrapping typically remain the same year on year, there are certain trends which gain popularity every 12 months. Below are some of our predictions for the year ahead:


The quality of vinyl foils available is improving constantly which is great news for everyone, from application technicians like us here at Auto Artisan to the end users. This has partially been as a result of increased awareness and investment in training and certifications for the technicians involved in the application process. There has also been huge investment by the manufacturers to constantly improve upon the quality of the products they put on the market.


While not a trend as such, vehicle-wrapping has become a popular career choice for those wishing to enter the automotive industry in some capacity. Here at Auto Artisan, we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching the Auto Artisan Academy to qualify the best vehicle-wrappers of tomorrow right here in Australia. Designed for both aspiring professional wrappers along with hobbyists, the Academy will see industry experts educate on topics such as advanced application techniques along with exposing our students to different materials and textures. To register your interest please visit


Industry experts in Australia and around the world expect multi-coloured wraps to grow in popularity in 2018. As vehicle-wrapping evolves and becomes more common in general, owners will become bolder about the designs they want on their own vehicles with multi-coloured or even multi-textured vehicles becoming more popular this year.


As everything evolves in the world of vehicle-wrapping, more and more distance is created between wrapping and painting a vehicle. As we have written in previous blogs there are numerous advantages of wrapping a vehicle instead of painting it including cost, the time it takes, the protection wrapping offers the factory paint underneath, the fact that wrapping can be peeled off before selling etc. The development of systems and processes to make everything even more streamlined in vehicle-wrapping will add to the demise of painting in the vehicle industry.


Here at Auto Artisan, many of our clients are commercial entities who engage us to brand their vehicles for uniformity and professionalism purposes, along with the massive advantages branded vehicles have from a marketing and brand-awareness perspective. The cost of wrapping the vehicles is extremely cost-effective with regards to the potential return on investment, especially when compared to other popular marketing activities. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of them, we’d love to discuss your vehicle branding needs with you.

These are just some of the trends predicted for vehicle-wrapping in 2018. To discuss all of your Sydney-based vehicle-wrapping needs, please call Auto Artisan today for a friendly chat with one of our experts!

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