5 Reasons You Should Wrap Your Car

Porsche 911 GT2 Cup Wrap

There are many reasons people want to change the aesthetic of their car, perhaps they never liked the colour or maybe they want to brand it as a business vehicle. Whatever that reason is, there are a huge number of advantages of wrapping your car compared to re-painting it. Below are 5 of these reasons:


Spray painting a car is expensive. However, wrapping a car with vinyl wrap is far cheaper, in fact often up to 70% cheaper when compared to a quality re-spray job. This should be enough of a reason in itself to choose wrapping your car over painting it but read on to be 100% convinced wrapping is for you!


For creative car enthusiasts Disney World is not the happiest place on earth, Auto Artisan is! We can customise your car design based on your idea and desired outcome, there are pretty much zero limits. Whether you want a simple company logo added to your car or you want a fully custom flame design with satin texture finish we can accommodate you. Textured finishes available includes gloss, metallic, satin and matte with a wide range of colours and designs.


Re-sale value of cars is affected not only by what’s on the odometer but also the condition of the car inside and outside. Did you know you that vinyl wrap will protect the factory paint underneath from fading, chips and scratches? It can simply be peeled off once you want to sell the car or wrap it in a totally new design with its original paint perfectly preserved underneath.


Painting your car can take well over a week which is not only inconvenient but can be costly if you need to hire a car or have a commercial vehicle off the road for that length of time. We can wrap your vehicle in as little as half a day depending on the work required. This a far more practical option for most busy people in Sydney today!


Another huge advantage of wrapping your car compared to painting is how much easier it is to maintain. Wrapping eliminates the need to buff and polish your car, simply rinse with warm soapy water and voila – good as new. With a wrapped car, you can spend less time agonising over keeping it looking pristine and more time actually driving and enjoying it!

For an obligation-free quote on wrapping your car and to discuss your vision for it, call Auto Artisan or drop into our workshop in Sydney today.

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