5 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

Tinted Car Windows with Auto Artisan

Many vehicle owners regularly service and maintain their cars engines but never think of the benefits of tinting your cars windows on both the glass itself, the interior of the car and the driver and passengers. Below are 5 main reasons why you should get your car windows tinted today:


Starting with an obvious benefit, tinting your car windows can offer a lot more privacy than allowing people full visibility to who and what is inside the car. The film itself makes its very difficult to see in from the outside reducing the likelihood of the car being burgled when stationary.


The harsh sun in Australia can have detrimental effects on the interior of your car in less than 12 months. The heat and UV rays can cause the leather or fabric upholstery to warp, crack, discolour or fade however tinting the car windows can preserve the interior for far longer increasing the re-sale value along with the preservation of the interior of the car.


Another key reason to tint the windows of your vehicle is the safety benefits it brings. In the event of a car accident or even just a stone-chip breaking the glass, the film will hold the glass together preventing glass shards spreading everywhere and even stopping passengers being ejected out of the vehicle. It will also make it more difficult for thieves to break in as even if they break a window, it will remain largely intact.


Tinting your vehicle windows also comes with health benefits. As much as we love the hot Australian sun, it can contribute to sunburn, accelerated skin aging and skin cancer. Tinted windows on vehicles can provide up to 99% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays!


Our final benefit of tinting your vehicle windows in the Australian climate is that it allows better regulation of the temperature inside your car. Professionally installed window tints can reduce the amount of solar heat which enters the car by up to 80%. Tinted cars therefore remain at a cooler and more comfortable temperature while having the added benefit of saving money on fuel as you won’t need to use the air-conditioning as much!

Here at Auto Artisan, we are industry leaders in Australia when it comes to wrapping vehicles to the highest standard. To discuss all your Sydney-based vehicle-wrapping needs, please call or email Auto Artisan today for a friendly chat with one of our experts!

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