5 Benefits of Wrapping Your Boat Instead of Painting

Boat Wraps

Living in Sydney aka the harbour capital of the world, we get a lot of questions about vinyl wrapping boats here at Auto Artisan. Whether it’s a yacht, speedboat, cruiser or other kinds of boats, wrapping works for pretty much any vessel. There are numerous benefits of wrapping your boat and below we have outlined 5 of the main ones:


Wrapping a boat is typically significantly cheaper than a spray painting job, often as little as one third of the price of a quality paint job. Individual prices will depend on factors such as the size of the area of the boat you want wrapped along with the design itself and the finish etc. There is also the added benefit of the time it takes to do it, wrapping can be done in as little as one day while painting can take weeks meaning much more time off the water – costly if it’s a commercial vessel.


Maintaining a wrapped boat is a lot easier than a painted one. No buffing or polishing is required with a vinyl wrapped boat, just a simple wash with water and soap will keep your wrap pristine. Additionally, any chips or holes which may appear in the wrap, should you knock off something in the water, are very simple to patch up and can be done with ease and without needing to dry dock the boat.


While many marine paints contain chemicals, which can be toxic to marine life, our vinyl wraps for boats are eco-friendly with no solvents or chemicals used in their production. Given our vast and beautiful array of marine life in Australian waters, this is a massive benefit of wraps compared to painting boats.


Another huge advantage of wrapping your boat is the protection the wrap offers to the factory paintwork underneath. Our vinyl wrap protects your vessel from fading and damage from the harsh glare of the Australian sun and constantly being in the water. We even offer clear wraps just to preserve your factory paint to increase the re-sale value of your boat down the track.


There are practically limitless options when it comes to customising your boat. Your boat will turn heads from the ramp onto the water with a custom design unique to your vessel. Why not proudly show off your company branding on your boat if it’s a commercial vessel? Or be the envy of fellow seamen with a black matte finish inspired by Mediterranean yachts of the rich and famous? Along with infinite designs and colours we also offer a variety of different textures including matte, gloss, satin and metallic finishes. Whatever the grand idea you have for your boat, Auto Artisan can make it a reality.

To discuss a vinyl wrap for your boat, call Auto Artisan or drop into our Sydney workshop today for a no-obligation quote.

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