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4 Reasons to Vinyl Wrap Your Alloy Wheels

Vinyl Wrap Alloy Wheels

Have you ever thought of changing the colour of your alloy wheels or dreamt of your rims having their own unique design? Maybe you’d just like to protect them from the elements and stone chips? Regardless of what your vision for your alloy wheels is, chances are we can do it here at Auto Artisan! Below are 4 reasons to vinyl wrap your alloy wheels:


This is probably the most common reason our customers come to us to wrap their alloy wheels here at our Sydney showroom. Some customers have simply tired of their standard alloy wheels and want something to freshen up the overall appearance of the car. For these customers, we have many different colours and textures to choose from to give their car a fresh look once more. Other customers have a totally custom, often crazy design in mind and at Auto Artisan, we love these requests! Just like getting a tattoo on your body, if you can dream up a design for your alloy wheels, or any part of your vehicle for that matter, we can bring it to reality for you.


Many people who own cars with alloy wheels want them to remain in the same condition as the day they drove it out of the showroom. Our alloy wheel vinyl wrap will protect your alloy wheels from being damaged by UV rays, dust, sand and light stone chips. To protect them from these elements however, it’s recommended to have your alloy wheels wrapped as early as possible as vinyl wrap will not cover pre-existing damage on your rims.


If you choose to paint your alloy wheels instead of vinyl wrapping them, you are choosing to permanently transform them. The beauty of vinyl wraps, when compared to paint, is that once you decide to change the colour or design again or you want to return the alloy wheels to their factory condition, you can simply remove the vinyl wrap returning them to their original state.


When it comes to updating the colour and texture of your alloy wheels, vinyl wrap is generally considerably cheaper than painting them. On top of being removable, protecting the factory paint and having far more options than if you choose to paint your car, you’ll also save cash if you vinyl wrap your rims. No-brainer, right?

Above are just 4 reasons to vinyl wrap your alloy wheels. Here at Auto Artisan we are industry leaders in vinyl wrapping in Sydney. To discuss your vehicle wrapping requirements and for a no-obligation quote, call or email us today to speak to a friendly vehicle-wrapping expert!

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