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4 Benefits Of Vehicle Advertising and Who It Works For

By Michael Palladino | February 14, 2018 | in Vehicle Wraps

Jims Mowing Vehicle Signage Side View

So you run a small business here in Sydney servicing a few core suburbs with a limited marketing budget and you want more people to know about you. Maybe you’re not a small business, maybe you’re a larger business with an aggressive growth plan and huge marketing investment to achieve large-scale brand awareness in a short period of time. Either way, you should consider adding vehicle signage to your company vehicles with vehicle wrapping!

What is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

Vehicle signage advertising works by wrapping all or part of your company vehicle with company branding. The designs themselves should be simple, eye-catching and professionally designed and should clearly demonstrate what the business does with contact details.

Below we have outlined just a few reasons you should consider vehicle signage advertising:


Advertising and marketing your business can be expensive in Sydney. With vehicle advertising, you pay just a one-off fee to wrap the vehicle and then the vehicle continues to advertise your brand everywhere it travels. The vehicle wraps can last for 5 years+ which leaves plenty of time for you to recoup your investment many times over as a result of the new business your wrapped vehicle has landed you!


Your advertising will only be shown wherever your company vehicle is, which 99% of the time is an area you service. What form of advertising could be more targeted than that? It’s a great way to familiarise local residents and businesses of your company name and branding which may keep you front of mind for the next time they need to utilise the services of someone in your industry.


You vehicle advertising works for you 24/7. It doesn’t take weekends or public holidays off or need to vacation in Bali during the school holidays. If possible (and safe) it is advisable to park it where it can be seen by members of the public at all times so it can keep working even when you’re not.


It’s a well-known fact that people are more inclined to trust brands they’re familiar with. Seeing your vehicle constantly familiarises people with who you are and what you do. Company wrapped vehicles are also fantastic marketing tools for use at trade shows and for imagery on other marketing collateral such as your corporate website, brochures etc.


Who does it work for?

Finally, who benefits from vehicle wrap advertising. Clients we have worked with include:

  • Tradies including carpenters, builders, plumbers & electricians and many more
  • Real estate agents
  • Restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other food delivery services
  • Any businesses which deliver products such as florists or couriers
  • Managed services business such as IT companies

About the Author

Michael Palladino

Michael has a strong passion for creating fashion for your car, having helped shape Auto Artisan into premier innovators and vehicle wrap industry specialists.

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