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9 Ways Vehicle Signage Can Get You Ahead of Your Competition

By Michael Palladino | April 15, 2015 | in AAG, Vehicle Wraps

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The average business is always on the look out for the most effective and affordable marketing tools so they can promote their brand and business. At Auto Artisan our goal is to introduce vehicle signage to the public to showcase its benefits and educate prospective buyers on just how crucial vehicle signage can be to your marketing mix.

What Types of Businesses Use Vehicle Signage or Wraps

  • Cafes, Bars, Restaurants and Salons
  • Healthcare Clinics, Hospitals and Private Medical or Dental Practices
  • Motor Sports (Go-karting, Formula 1 etc…)
  • Specialty Retail Stores (Florists, Pet Groomers, Clothing Retailers)
  • Professional Services (Consultants, Real Estate Firms, Legal Attorneys)
  • Builders, Truck & Trailer operations, Tradesman

1. One Off Cost

When you make the choice to purchase a vehicle wrap or custom decal/sticker for your business’s vehicle you have the piece of mind that it will likely last the life of your vehicle (unless you crash of course!) Quality vehicle signage can last over 5 years when well maintained and is a one-time initial cost which over the life of the product translates to be significantly less than typical recurring marketing costs on other forms of outdoor signage (billboards, public transport, bus stops etc…)

Want to Learn More?

For the remaining 8 ways vehicle signage can get you ahead of your competition download the “9 Ways Vehicle Signage Can Get You Ahead of Your Competition “guide below.

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About the Author

Michael Palladino

Michael has a strong passion for creating fashion for your car, having helped shape Auto Artisan into premier innovators and vehicle wrap industry specialists.

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