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We get excited when given the opportunity to create a custom design for our customers. Whether it be a full colour change, company vehicle wrap or subtle accents to accentuate the curves of your vehicle, we can do it all. Stylise your vehicle for the year, weekend or a special event. With removable vinyl film technology you can have a different looking car every week of the year!

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Protect your brand

Have piece of mind when it comes time to upgrade or sell your vehicle, the control of your brand is left in your hands. Simply just remove the layer of film from your vehicle exposing the paintwork in original condition, providing you with both value for resale and a vehicle which won’t be misrepresented after you hand over the keys.


The benefits

  • Cost
  • Speed of application
  • Paint like appearance
  • Original paint protection
  • Long durability of colours
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Removability
  • Custom Designs
  • Brand Exposure
  • Range of colours and textures not available through traditional paint application






Paintwork protection comes as a standard

From the moment we have changed the colour of your vehicle, the OEM paintwork is protected from the daily wear and tear that you would usually experience. The surface film will protect the paintwork from stonechips and light abrasions, and if any section is repaired or replaced due to accident damage, they can always be individually re-wrapped at short notice. Plus, when the time comes, the wrap can be cleanly removed to reveal the OEM paintwork in its original condition.

Retain the value of your car

Imagine driving your car 30,000 kilometres, without causing any damage to its current paintwork finish. With Auto Artisan Group Removable Surface Film Technologies this can happen. Not only can you breathe new life into the appearance of your car, but you can maintain its residual value too.

Cost neutral

This has become such a great reason for having your vehicle wrapped, that it has taken on the description of being ‘Cost Neutral’. Quite often the cost of the initial wrap is more than covered by the value of the vehicle when you come to resell it. Another great reason to colour change your vehicle today!

Using only the best materials

Our vinyls are long term, removable, dual cast films designed for vehicle detailing, styling and complete colour changes without the need for added surface protection. The non-visible air release channels allow for a bubble and crease free application. Our films are available in 1.52m widths which provides our installers with the ability to wrap almost any section of a vehicles bodywork join free.


Window Tint Film | Stonechip Protection | Detailing | Wheels | Paint Dipping

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