Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions most frequently asked when it comes to wrapping a vehicle, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Auto Artisan Group team. Our staff are always more than happy to assist you.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the finish that is required, to fully wrap a car will cost from approx. $2000 up to $8,000. The cost varies depending on the size of the car, the complexity of areas that require wrapping ( i.e. spoilers, skirt and bumpers) and the colour and finish that you choose.

How long does it take to wrap my car?

We will need your car for at least two days to complete a standard, external wrap. This will allow us time to clean and prepare the car, removing any exterior items like lights, door handles and badges. Once wrapped, we then quality check and ensure that the wrap meets the Auto Artisan Group standard before notifying you it is ready for collection.

Can it be removed?

Definitely, and this is a key benefit of vehicle wrapping vs painting. At any time during the future, the wrap film can be removed to reveal the car’s OEM paintwork.

What materials do you use?

We endeavour to use only the best available vehicle wrapping films, and specify material dependent on the requirements of each individual project. Our preferred materials are manufactured by Avery Dennison, 3M and Arlon.

How long will the wrap last?

Although we use only premium films, manufactured by companies like 3M and Avery Dennison, the life of your vehicle wrap is determined by the condition of the car, how it is treated during its life and cleaning methods. Taking all of this into account, you should expect up to 5 years of life from your vehicle wrap.

How do I wash the car once wrapped?

We recommend that you wash your car either by hand or using a jet wash. We advise against mechanical car washes, as the abrasive action can have a negative effect on the wrapping film as it does paint. Always take care when using chemicals or detergents to clean your car.

Do I get a warranty or guarantee?

Performance guarantees of up to five years are available on our colour change wraps, dependent on colour and finish required. Terms & Conditions apply.

Will the wrap damage my paintwork?

During the application process, the team of Auto Artisan Group application technicians are careful not to damage the paintwork of your car, and we do not cut material directly on the paintwork. The films that we use will not directly damage the car’s paintwork, however you do need to ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork is of a sound and OEM quality.

What if I have stonechips around the paintwork of the car?

We can apply the wrap over areas that are lightly stonechipped, which is usually the front of the car, including the bumper, bonnet and wings. However, this can cause problems upon removal of the wrap, as the damaged paint lacquer can sometimes lift with the wrap film, and you do need to bear this in mind beforehand.

The car has accident repaired areas, will this cause a problem?

Depending on the quality of the repair work, this can also cause problems. Quite often, accident repairs, and especially the painting process, are not carried out to the original manufacturers exacting standards. We cannot offer any form of guarantee against paint or lacquer lift during the removal of a wrap unless we have provided this in writing prior to the wrap being applied.

Do you wrap the inside of the car?

As standard, our colour change wraps are external wraps. This means that when the car is parked or being driven, the exterior paintwork of the car is fully wrapped in the colour and finish of your choice. Door opens, and interior areas are not wrapped as standard, but can be for an additional cost.

Does it fade?

The colour of the wrap films we use are light fast for more than five years, so there won’t be any noticeable fading during this period.